Tracheostomy Mask (100PCs)

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Model Number: NH-13111

Brand: Niche Healthcare



A tracheostomy mask is a medical device designed to deliver oxygen or humidified air to patients with a tracheostomy tube in place. Tracheostomy masks offer several healthcare benefits in the National Health Service (NHS) and similar healthcare settings:

  1. Optimal Oxygen Delivery: Tracheostomy masks are designed to deliver a controlled and concentrated flow of oxygen directly to the tracheostomy site. This ensures that the patient receives the required amount of oxygen for respiratory support.

  2. Humidification of Inspired Air: Many tracheostomy masks have an integrated humidification system that adds moisture to the inspired air. This is crucial for patients with a tracheostomy, as it helps prevent drying and irritation of the mucous membranes in the airway.

  3. Improved Patient Comfort: The design of tracheostomy masks takes into consideration the comfort of patients with a tracheostomy. Soft materials and adjustable straps contribute to a comfortable fit, minimizing discomfort for the patient.

  4. Facilitation of Speech: Tracheostomy masks are often designed to allow for speech, enabling patients to communicate while wearing the mask. This is particularly important for patients with a tracheostomy who may have impaired vocalization due to the presence of the tracheostomy tube.

  5. Securing the Tracheostomy Tube: Some tracheostomy masks have features such as straps or holders that help secure the tracheostomy tube in place. This ensures that the tube remains stable during oxygen therapy or other respiratory interventions.

  6. Adaptability for Different Patient Populations: Tracheostomy masks are available in various sizes to accommodate different patient populations, including adults and pediatric patients. This ensures proper fit and effective oxygen delivery for individuals of varying ages.

  7. Support for Nebulization: Some tracheostomy masks have ports or adapters for nebulization, allowing healthcare providers to administer aerosolized medications directly to the patient’s airway. This is beneficial for patients who require respiratory medications.

  8. Prevention of Airway Dryness: The humidification provided by tracheostomy masks helps prevent airway dryness, which is essential for maintaining the health of the tracheal mucosa and preventing complications such as mucus plugs.

  9. Compliance with Oxygen Therapy: Tracheostomy masks contribute to patient compliance with prescribed oxygen therapy. The comfort and functionality of the mask make it more likely that patients will tolerate and adhere to their oxygen therapy regimen.

  10. Respiratory Support in Various Settings: Tracheostomy masks are versatile and can be used in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, long-term care facilities, and home care. This adaptability ensures that patients receive consistent respiratory support wherever they are.

  11. Reduction of Aerosol Escape: The design of tracheostomy masks minimizes the escape of aerosolized medication or humidified air into the surrounding environment, promoting a controlled and efficient delivery to the patient.

  12. Integration with Breathing Circuits: Tracheostomy masks are compatible with breathing circuits used in mechanical ventilation or other respiratory support systems, providing a seamless connection for oxygen delivery.

  13. Support for Mobilization: Tracheostomy masks allow patients to receive respiratory support while maintaining mobility. This is important for patients undergoing rehabilitation or those with chronic conditions requiring ongoing care.

In summary, tracheostomy masks play a vital role in providing targeted oxygen delivery, humidification, and support for patients with a tracheostomy. These masks contribute to patient comfort, respiratory care, and overall well-being in diverse healthcare settings, including the NHS.


Cat. No. Description Qty/Case (Pcs)
NH-13111 Tracheostomy mask L 100
NH-13112 Tracheostomy mask M 100


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