Transport Incubator BT-100

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Brand Name: Niche Healthcare

Model Number: 38294



  • Air mode and baby mode controlled by micro-computer
  • Use AC Power and DC Power alternatively,DC 12V or DC 24V Power on the ambulance
  • Set temperature,air temperature,skin temperature and internal battery power are displayed by LED
  • Self-testing function,various failure alarms by audible and visual

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Alarm function:

  • Power failure,Over temperature,Temperature devitation,Fan failure,Temperature sensor failure
  • Double wall hood with side door and front door,4 operating windoes and 2 iris ports,5 infusion seals
  • The infant bed can be pulled out from side door easily
  • Natural air flow humidity
  • The height od whole unit is adjustable
  • Oxygen supply system
  • LED observe light,adjustable brightness
  • Buil-in storage cabinet           


Technical data

  • Power supply: AC110/220V  60/50Hz                                                             
  • Power input: 450VA                                                                
  • Environment temperature: 10℃~30
  • Operating condition  Environment relative humidity: 30%~75
  • Environment air velocity of flow: 1m/s
  • Air temperature control range: 25℃~37℃ 37.1℃~38
  • Skin temperature control range: 32℃~37℃  37.1℃~38
  • Air/Skin temperature sensor accuracy: ±0.3
  • Temperature fluctuation: ±1
  • Uniformity of mattress temperature: 1.5
  • Air temperature deviation alarm: ±3
  • Skin temperature deviation alarm: ±1
  • Warm-uptime: 40min                                                 
  • Internal noise level: 60dB(A)
  • Main battery: DC12V 40AH,Li-ion battery
  • Charge time: 12hours                                                
  • Battery use time: 2hours                                            
  • Auxiliary battery: DC8.4V 0.17AH,Li-ion battery
  • Mattress size: 63cm(L)*32cm(W)                                            
  • Trough capacity: 1200mL                                        
  • Air filter: 0.5μm    


Transport and storage

  • Package: Each unit is packed in two plywood cases
  • 100*70*88cm (control unit)
  • N.W.:65Kg – G.W.:110Kg
  • Trolley: 202*67*46cm
  • N.W.:30Kg – G.W.:60Kg
  • Environment temperature: -40℃~+55
  • Environment relative humidity: 95
  • Atmospheric Pressure: 5001060hpa


Standard configuration

  • Main body (including the Transparent hood, Double hood, Control system, Infant bed, Water trough, Skin temperature sensor & two Oxygen cylinders.)
  • I.V.pole, Mattress & Observe light.
Babies who are born too early, before 37 weeks, can have problems such as low birth weight, irregular temperature, and unstable vital signs. A baby incubator helps control their temperature. They will also be given high-calorie formula and will get the treatment they need for any other issues.
Because premature babies lack body fat, they are less able to regulate body temperature. To this end, the incubator ensures the ideal environmental conditions by either allowing the temperature to be adjusted manually or providing auto-adjustments based on changes in the baby’s temperature.
infant temperature monitoring incubators

Due to premature babies lacking body fat, they are less able to regulate body temperature, hence the use of an incubator.


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