Transport Medium Swabs

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model number – NH-61141

Brand – Niche Healthcare

Transport medium swabs, comes sterile with a single swab in tube and peel pouch. Polystyrene shaft with a single plastic stick with medium and Viscose bud tip. It is used for transporting gonococcal specimens to the laboratory.
Transport swabs, microbiology swabs, recommend for aerobic, facultative anaerobic, fastidious aerobic and anaerobic bacteria possibly exist in the wound, nose, throat, nasopharyngeal, vagina or urogenital and shin specimens especially suited for specimens containing Neisseria gonorrhoeae. EO sterile.
Medium available: Amies medium, Amies with charcoal medium, Stuart medium and Cary-Blair Medium.


Tube material: PP  
Stick / tip: plastic stick with viscose tip.
Size: 13x150mm
Package: single sterile paper blister pack.


Cat No. Description Qty/Case(pcs )
NH-61141 Stuart Transport Swabs ,white cap 1000
NH-61142 Cary-Blair Transport Swabs ,red cap 1000
NH-61143 Amies Transport Swabs,blue cap 1000
NH-61144 Amies with charcoal transport swabs,black cap 1000
NH-61145 Stuart Agar Gel with Charcoal transport medium swab 1000


Transport medium swabs play a vital role in healthcare environments, particularly in the collection and transportation of clinical specimens. Here are several benefits associated with the use of transport medium swabs:

  1. Preservation of Viability: Transport medium swabs are designed to maintain the viability of microorganisms during transit. The medium helps to keep bacteria and viruses alive and in their original state, which is crucial for accurate laboratory analysis and diagnostic testing.

  2. Specimen Stability: The transport medium helps stabilize the collected specimen, preventing its degradation during transportation. This is particularly important for samples that need to be transported over extended periods or from remote locations to centralized laboratories.

  3. Prevention of Contamination: The use of transport medium swabs helps prevent contamination of the specimen during collection and transport. The medium acts as a protective barrier, ensuring that the collected microorganisms remain uncontaminated and suitable for accurate testing.

  4. Extended Shelf Life: The transport medium extends the shelf life of the collected specimen, allowing for flexibility in transportation logistics. This is beneficial when there is a need to store or transport specimens for testing at a later time.

  5. Versatility in Collection: Transport medium swabs are suitable for the collection of various types of specimens, including bacterial, viral, and chlamydial samples. This versatility makes them valuable in different healthcare settings and for a range of diagnostic purposes.

  6. Ease of Use: The swab and transport medium system is generally easy to use, facilitating convenient specimen collection. The design often allows for straightforward extraction of the specimen from the swab and ensures ease of handling during the collection process.

  7. Reduced Drying Out of Specimens: The transport medium helps prevent the drying out of specimens, preserving the integrity of the sample. This is especially important when dealing with samples that are sensitive to changes in moisture levels.

  8. Regulatory Compliance: The use of transport medium swabs helps healthcare facilities comply with regulatory standards and guidelines for specimen transportation and handling. This is critical for maintaining the quality and reliability of diagnostic testing.

  9. Minimized Risk of Infection: The sealed nature of transport medium swabs reduces the risk of exposure to potentially infectious agents during specimen handling and transportation. This is crucial for the safety of healthcare workers and laboratory personnel.

  10. Customization for Specific Tests: Transport medium swabs can be designed or selected based on the specific requirements of different diagnostic tests. This customization ensures that the collected specimens are suitable for the intended analytical methods.

In summary, transport medium swabs offer numerous benefits in terms of specimen preservation, stability, and prevention of contamination, making them essential tools in healthcare environments for efficient and accurate diagnostic testing.


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