Urinary Drainage Bag With Bulb

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Model Number: NH-575422

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Urinary drainage bag with bulb consists of urinary bladder exercise bulb, universal double-hook and rope hanger, needleless sampling port with cap,10mm X 150cm. Inlet tube with bed sheet clamp, slide clamp, anti-reflux drip chamber, air-vent on the bag, t-tap outlet valve, tube pocket, length of tube:90-110cm


Cat.No Description Qty/Case (pcs)
141401 Urinary Drainage Bag With Bulb,2000ml 20
141402 Urinary Drainage Bag With Bulb,4000ml 40


A urinary drainage bag with a bulb typically refers to a specific type of urinary drainage system used in medical settings, especially for patients who have difficulty or are unable to urinate on their own. This system includes a drainage bag connected to a catheter, and the “bulb” often refers to a bulb-like chamber that can be squeezed to facilitate the emptying of the drainage bag. Here’s a general overview of such a system:


A catheter is a flexible tube inserted into the bladder through the urethra or, in some cases, through a surgical opening (suprapubic catheterization). It allows urine to drain from the bladder.

Urinary Drainage Bag:

The urinary drainage bag is a collection bag that receives and stores urine from the catheter. It is typically equipped with an inlet port to connect to the catheter.

Bulb or Squeeze Chamber:

The “bulb” or squeeze chamber is a component attached to the drainage bag. It can be squeezed manually to create suction, helping to empty the urine from the bag into a toilet or other appropriate receptacle.

Anti-Reflux Valve:

Many urinary drainage bags come with an anti-reflux valve. This valve prevents urine from flowing back into the catheter, reducing the risk of urinary tract infections.

Straps and Hangers:

The drainage bag often comes with straps or hangers, allowing it to be secured to the patient’s bed or wheelchair for convenience.

Leg Bag vs. Bedside Bag:

There are different types of urinary drainage bags, including leg bags and bedside bags. Leg bags are smaller and designed to be worn on the leg, providing mobility for ambulatory patients. Bedside bags are larger and typically used for patients who are immobile or bedridden.

Drainage Port:

The drainage bag features a drainage port that allows healthcare professionals or caregivers to empty the bag without disconnecting the catheter.

Sterile and Disposable:

Urinary drainage bags are usually sterile and disposable. They are discarded and replaced at regular intervals to minimize the risk of infection.

Urinary drainage bags with a bulb or squeeze chamber are designed to offer a more controlled and convenient method for emptying the bag, especially in situations where gravity drainage might not be sufficient. These systems are commonly used in hospitals, nursing homes, and for home care of patients with urinary retention or other conditions requiring continuous bladder drainage. It’s important to follow proper hygiene and care protocols to prevent infections and ensure the well-being of the patient.


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