Urine Collection Kit – Medical Equipment

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Model Number: NH-73639

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Urine collection kit with transfer straw and vacutainer tube 10ml, 16x100mm. For collection & transport of urine specimens. 


Urine collection kit with transfer straw and vacutainer tube 10ml, 16x100mm. To collection & transport of urine specimens. 

Here are the components typically found in a urine collection kit:

  1. Collection Container: The primary component is a sterile container or cup designed for urine collection. It is important that the container is clean and free from contaminants to ensure the integrity of the sample.

  2. Lid or Cap: The collection container usually comes with a secure lid or cap to prevent leakage and contamination during transportation.

  3. Label: A label is often provided for the patient or healthcare provider to record essential information, including the patient’s name, date and time of collection, and any other relevant details. Accurate labeling is crucial for proper sample identification.

  4. Instructions: Clear and concise instructions are typically included to guide the individual through the urine collection process. These instructions may include information on proper hygiene, how to collect a midstream sample, and any specific requirements for the particular test being conducted.

  5. Absorbent Material or Wipes: Some kits may include wipes or absorbent material to help with cleanliness during the collection process.

  6. Transport Bag or Biohazard Bag: For samples that need to be transported to a laboratory, a sealable bag is often included. This bag may be labeled as a biohazard bag, especially if the urine sample is being tested for infectious diseases.

  7. Funnel (Optional): In some cases, a funnel may be provided to assist in transferring the urine from the collection container to other testing containers.

  8. Preservation or Stabilization Medium (if needed): Depending on the type of test being conducted, there may be a need for a preservation or stabilization medium to maintain the integrity of certain analytes in the urine sample.

It’s essential for individuals to follow the provided instructions carefully to ensure the accuracy of the urine sample. Proper collection and handling are crucial for obtaining reliable test results. If you are using a urine collection kit for a specific medical test, it’s recommended to consult with healthcare professionals or follow the guidance provided by the testing facility.

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Urine collection kit with transfer straw


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