Urine Container with Boric Acid

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Model Number: NH-74647

Brand: Niche Healthcare

The new specimen containers include boric acid preservative. Boric acid helps to maintain the microbiological quality of the specimen and prevents overgrowth of organisms.


Urine Container with Boric Acid
The new specimen containers include boric acid preservative. Boric acid helps to maintain the microbiological quality of the specimen and prevents overgrowth of organisms during transport to the lab. Boric acid containers are used commonly in most laboratories. The decision to move to boric acid containers is based on improving the quality of the test results. 
The new boric acid containers will be supplied for routine microbiology urine analysis only. They should not be used for specimens requiring Chlamydia testing or a pregnancy test – for which a plain universal container should still be used. 
The new containers are the standard 30ml universal size, with a red lid and a small amount of white boric acid powder in the bottom.
Urine containers with boric acid may be used for urine culture preservation. Boric acid is a chemical compound that can be added to urine containers to help preserve the viability of bacteria in urine samples for microbiological analysis. This is commonly done when a urine sample cannot be processed immediately in the laboratory, and the preservation of bacterial integrity is essential for accurate culture results.

Here are some key points about urine containers with boric acid:

  • Preservation of Bacteria: Boric acid acts as a preservative, helping to maintain the viability of bacteria in urine samples. This is important for urine culture tests, where the goal is to identify and quantify bacteria present in the sample.
  • Prevents Overgrowth of Contaminating Organisms: Boric acid inhibits the growth of contaminating organisms in the urine sample, allowing for a more accurate representation of the bacteria originally present in the patient’s urinary tract.
  • Urine Culture Testing: Urine culture is a diagnostic test used to identify the type and amount of bacteria in the urine. It is commonly performed to diagnose urinary tract infections (UTIs).
  • Sterile Containers: Containers with boric acid are typically sterile to ensure the integrity of the urine sample and to prevent contamination.
  • Laboratory Processing: After collection in a boric acid-containing container, the urine sample is transported to the laboratory, where it can be cultured on specific media to identify and quantify bacteria.
  • Storage Duration: The addition of boric acid extends the storage duration of the urine sample before laboratory processing. However, there are limits to how long a sample can be preserved, and specific guidelines may vary.

It’s important to note that the use of boric acid in urine containers is specific to certain types of tests, particularly urine culture tests, and it may not be a component of containers used for other types of urine tests. The decision to use boric acid is based on the requirements of the testing protocol and the need to preserve bacterial viability.

As practices and protocols may vary, it’s recommended to follow the specific instructions provided by the healthcare provider or laboratory when using a urine container with boric acid for urine culture.


1.Material:made of PP or PS.

2.Volume:30ml capacity with 0.40g of Boric acid powder.

3.E.O sterile.

4.Red screw cap and leak prof, resistant to fall and to breakage during centrifugation.

5.Label available: with label or without label.


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