Urine Drainage Bag 4000ml

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Model Number: NH-46574

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Product features: 
1. Special anti reflux device can prevent waste liquid from flowing back and avoid infection.
2. Multi stage pagoda connector can be connected with different specifications of catheter.
3. The bag body is transparent, and the scale value is clear and read; the scale line is set on the side, which is suitable for the measurement of less liquid.
4. The conduit is transparent, elastic and free of kinks.
5. Upper urination hole: large diameter, fast urine inflow. T type drain valve at the lower end: easy to operate with one hand, and can prevent the splashing of urine.
6. Safety hooks or ties are attached, which can be effectively fixed in a proper position.
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A urine drainage bag with a capacity of 4000ml (4 litres) is a larger-size urinary collection bag used in healthcare settings to collect and measure urine output from patients. These bags are typically designed for patients who may have an extended need for urinary drainage, such as those undergoing surgery, individuals with urinary incontinence, or patients in critical care settings. Here are some key features associated with a urine drainage bag with a 4000ml capacity:


The urine drainage bag has a total capacity of 4000ml, allowing it to hold up to 4 litres’ of urine.

Hanging Mechanism:

The bag is equipped with a hanging mechanism, such as hooks or straps, allowing it to be securely attached to a patient’s bed, wheelchair, or another suitable location.

Tubing and Catheter Connection:

The urine drainage bag is connected to a catheter or tubing that allows urine to flow from the patient’s bladder into the bag for collection.

Graduated Measurement Markings:

The exterior of the urine bag is often marked with graduated measurement lines, enabling healthcare professionals to easily read and record the volume of urine collected.

Anti-Reflux Valve:

The bag may include an anti-reflux valve to prevent urine from flowing back into the catheter, reducing the risk of urinary tract infections.

Drainage Port:

The urine bag typically features a drainage port that allows for periodic emptying of the collected urine without disconnecting the catheter. The drainage port may have a closure mechanism to prevent leakage.

Sterile and Disposable:

Urinary drainage bags are usually supplied in a sterile condition to maintain aseptic conditions during use. They are often disposable and intended for single-use.

Usage in Hospitals and Critical Care:

Urine drainage bags with a 4000ml capacity are commonly used in hospitals, especially in critical care units, post-surgical care, and other medical settings where patients require continuous or extended urinary drainage.

Recording and Documentation:

Healthcare professionals use the measured urine output data for patient assessment and monitoring. Accurate documentation of urine output is crucial for determining the patient’s hydration status and overall renal function.

It’s important to follow proper protocols for the use, maintenance, and disposal of urinary drainage bags to ensure patient comfort, hygiene, and safety. Healthcare providers will educate patients and caregivers on how to manage and empty the urine drainage bag properly.


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