Urine Meter 500ml+2000ml

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Model Number: NH-863367

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Urine meter accurately measure urine outflow

Each is packaged sterile in a peel pouch

Adjustable bed-sheet clamp for securing drain bag tubing

Includes inner diameter tubing

Drain bag capacity: 500ml+2000ml

Typically used on critically ill and surgical patients

Needle-less sample port

Anti backflow


A urine meter with a capacity of 500ml and 2000ml typically refers to a urinary drainage measurement system used in healthcare settings. This type of urine meter is designed to accurately measure and monitor urine output in patients. Here are key features associated with a urine meter with a combined capacity of 500ml and 2000ml:


The urine meter consists of two compartments or chambers with different capacities – one with a 500ml capacity and the other with a 2000ml capacity.

Measurement and Monitoring:

The primary purpose of the urine meter is to measure and monitor the volume of urine output from a patient. This is particularly important in medical situations where accurate urine output assessment is necessary, such as in critical care settings.

Hanging Mechanism:

The urine meter is typically equipped with a hanging mechanism, such as hooks or straps, allowing it to be securely attached to a patient’s bed or another suitable location.

Tubing and Catheter Connection:

The urine meter is connected to a catheter or tubing that allows urine to flow from the patient’s bladder into the meter for measurement.

Graduated Measurement Markings:

The exterior of the urine meter is marked with graduated measurement lines, enabling healthcare professionals to easily read and record the volume of urine collected.

Anti-Reflux Valve:

The urine meter may include an anti-reflux valve to prevent urine from flowing back into the catheter, reducing the risk of urinary tract infections.

Drainage Port:

The urine meter typically features a drainage port that allows for periodic emptying of the collected urine without disconnecting the catheter.

Sterile and Disposable:

Urinary drainage systems, including urine meters, are usually supplied in a sterile condition to maintain aseptic conditions during use. They are often disposable and intended for single-use.

Recording and Documentation:

Healthcare professionals use the measured urine output data for patient assessment and monitoring. Accurate documentation of urine output is crucial for determining the patient’s hydration status and overall renal function.

Urine meters are commonly used in hospitals, especially in critical care units, post-surgical care, and situations where precise monitoring of urine output is essential for patient management. It’s important to follow proper protocols for the use, maintenance, and disposal of urinary drainage systems to ensure patient comfort, hygiene, and safety.


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