Uterine Tissue Suction Tube Kit

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Model Number: NH-00435

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Designed for gynecology artificial abortion operation.
Reduce trauma and pain, less blood loss, one-time use to avoid cross infection.
2 uterine tissue suction tubes(6mm and 7mm)
2 dilating sticks (No. 6 and No. 7)
1 uterine probe
1 suction tube
1 plastic tray
The components can be customized.


  1. Medical Procedures: A uterine tissue suction tube kit could be designed for medical procedures such as uterine aspiration or suction curettage. These procedures may be performed for various reasons, including the removal of tissue during a miscarriage, management of abnormal bleeding, or post-abortion care.

  2. Minimally Invasive Approach: If the kit is designed to facilitate minimally invasive procedures, it could contribute to reduced trauma, shorter recovery times, and potentially lower complication rates compared to more invasive surgical techniques.

  3. Efficient Tissue Removal: The suction tube in the kit may provide an efficient means of removing uterine tissue, contributing to the success of the procedure and reducing the need for more extensive interventions.

  4. Patient Comfort: Minimally invasive techniques, if applicable, may offer improved patient comfort compared to traditional surgical approaches. This could lead to a better patient experience and increased satisfaction.

  5. Reduced Hospital Stay: Depending on the nature of the procedure facilitated by the kit, patients may experience shorter hospital stays, promoting cost-effectiveness and faster recovery.

  6. Clinical Versatility: The kit may be designed to address a range of clinical needs, providing healthcare professionals with a versatile tool for different uterine procedures.

  7. Risk Reduction: Minimally invasive procedures often come with lower risks of complications, reduced postoperative pain, and a decreased likelihood of infection. A well-designed kit could contribute to overall patient safety.


Standard Uterine Tissue Suction Tube Kit


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