Vacuum Urine Collection Tube

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Model Number: NH-10701

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Vacuum urine collection tube is made of medical grade plastic material, mainly used for urine collection.


Vacuum urine collection tubes, also known as evacuated urine tubes, are often used in conjunction with urine collection systems for diagnostic testing. Here are potential benefits associated with the use of vacuum urine collection tubes in a healthcare environment:



Vacuum tubes are typically pre-sterilized, ensuring that the urine sample collected remains uncontaminated. This is crucial for accurate diagnostic testing and to prevent false-positive or false-negative results.


Standardized Volume:

Vacuum urine collection tubes are available in standardized volumes, allowing for consistency in the quantity of urine collected for testing. This standardization is important for accurate interpretation of test results.


Ease of Use:

The vacuum system simplifies the urine collection process. Healthcare professionals can easily collect a specific volume of urine without the need for additional equipment or complex procedures.


Minimized Exposure to Biohazardous Material:

Vacuum tubes are designed to contain and seal the urine sample securely, reducing the risk of exposure to biohazardous material for healthcare workers and laboratory personnel.


Preservation of Sample Integrity:

The vacuum system helps preserve the integrity of the urine sample by minimizing exposure to air and contaminants. This is essential for maintaining the stability of analytes within the urine, especially if the sample is not immediately tested.


Reduced Contamination Risk:

The sealed nature of vacuum urine collection tubes helps minimize the risk of contamination during sample transportation from the collection site to the laboratory.


Efficient Workflow:

Vacuum tubes contribute to an efficient workflow in the laboratory. They can be easily processed using automated systems, streamlining the testing process and reducing the time required for sample handling.


Compatibility with Automated Systems:

Many healthcare laboratories use automated systems for processing and analyzing samples. Vacuum urine collection tubes are often compatible with these systems, allowing for seamless integration into the laboratory workflow.


Minimized Sample Dilution:

The standardized volume of urine collected in vacuum tubes helps minimize the need for sample dilution, ensuring that test results are not affected by variations in urine concentration.


Variety of Additives:

Some vacuum urine collection tubes come with additives or preservatives that help stabilize specific analytes or prevent the growth of microorganisms in the sample. This can be beneficial for certain types of urine testing.


Cat. No. Specification Qty/Set
NH-10701 Vacuum urine collection tube,round bottom, 16x100mm, 10ml 1200
NH-10702 Vacuum urine collection tube,round bottom, 16x100mm, 10ml, with boric acid 1200


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