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Model Number – NH-56991

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Venous Pro, state of the art, portable, vein locating device to find the best vein for cannulation in patients with no risk or side effects with minimum discomfort or trauma for patients.

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• Easy access to veins.
• Dual Visualisation – On Skin Map and LCD Display.
• Accurate puncturing in single attempt.
• Nil or minimal trauma for patients.
• Save precious time during drug administration.
• Non-invasive, light-weight and portable.
Patients for whom Venous Pro is useful
• Dehydrated, collapsed, long-stay patients.
• Patients with obesity, anaemia, hypotension, or excessive blood loss.
• Children – paediatrics including neonates.
• Patients with difficult skins – burns, difficult tones,

Where would Venous Pro be useful?
• Emergency, Casualty wards
• ICUs, Operation Theatres, OPDs
• Paediatrics, Geriatrics
• Oncology, Phlebotomy, Pathology
• Blood Banks, Medical Colleges and Nursing

• Reduced trauma to patients as they do not have to go through multiple puncture attempts.
• Increased accuracy allows a better cannulation reducing the risk of double puncture.
• Reduced time for the procedure as the inputs from Venous Pro give better information as compared to the naked eye vision.
• Increased productivity for the medical staff allowing them to attend more patients.
• Lesser chances of infection as lesser number of attempts required.
• Non-invasive, non-contact operation, meaning the device does not need to touch the subject or  surface at all avoiding any infection.
• Completely safe, with no LASER radiation


All you need to know about veins.



Venous Pro Vein Finder Instructional Video


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