Vet Automated Chemistry Analyzer

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Model Number: NH-39766
Brand: Niche Healthcare


Feature & Benefits

1. Easy to use
Comparing to traditional chemistry analyzer, there is no requirements for personnel, anyone could perform this analyzer easily. And it is fully automatically reducing the mistakes by manual operation. The 7 inch touch screen and optimized operation interface provides better user experience for operator.

2. Fast to get result
SMT-100 provides fast diagnosis with multi-parameter testing results in 12 minutes and improves patient satisfaction by reducing waiting time.

3. Little sample volume required
Tests can be performed using a small amount of blood, 90-110ul, which makes it easier to test the blood of children and seniors.

4. Diagnostics result comparable with the laboratory
The analyzer has the same technical standard with the laboratory one, thought, it belongs to POCT. With the photoelectric colorimetric principle, it has advantages over dry biochemistry analyzer adapted the light reflection method. The volume of test
sample and dilution is guaranteed by mould, without random error and cross contamination. The inside real time QC and calibration system also assures the accuracy.

5. Portable for on-site diagnosis
Compact design and lightweight (0.02m3, 5Kg) with DC power supply available makes it ideal equipment for on site diagnosis, such as in outdoors, aerospace, emergency, field troops, home health care etc.

6. Competent with other hospital systems
Users can connect to Hospital Information Systems (HIS) by LIS socket or Wifi.
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The Touchscreen Dry Vet Automated Chemistry Analyzer offers several healthcare benefits in veterinary practice:

  1. Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing: Enables veterinarians to perform a wide range of biochemical tests, including blood chemistry panels, electrolyte analysis, and liver and kidney function tests, providing comprehensive diagnostic information for animal patients.

  2. Rapid Results: Offers quick turnaround time for test results, allowing veterinarians to make timely treatment decisions and interventions for sick or injured animals.

  3. Accurate Analysis: Provides accurate and reliable test results, aiding veterinarians in the diagnosis and monitoring of various health conditions, such as metabolic disorders, organ dysfunction, and infectious diseases.

  4. Customizable Panels: Allows for the customization of test panels based on the specific needs of individual patients or species, ensuring that diagnostic testing is tailored to the unique requirements of each case.

  5. User-Friendly Interface: Features a touchscreen interface that is intuitive and easy to use, making it accessible for veterinary staff with varying levels of experience and expertise.

  6. Space and Cost Efficiency: Requires minimal laboratory space and reduces the need for outsourcing diagnostic testing to external laboratories, resulting in cost savings and improved workflow efficiency.

  7. Data Management: Facilitates efficient data management and record-keeping, allowing veterinarians to track test results over time and monitor changes in patient health status.

Overall, the Touchscreen Dry Vet Automated Chemistry Analyzer enhances diagnostic capabilities in veterinary practice, leading to improved patient care, more efficient workflow, and better outcomes for animal patients.


Technical data

Sample Type
Lithium Heparin Anticoagulant whole blood, serum and plasma
Sample Volume
90-120 μl
Bar Code
Two-dimensional bar code automatically read
Testing Time
12 minutes/sample
Testing Principle
Absorption spectroscopy, transmission turdimetry
Absorption spectroscopy
End point, rate, fixed time
QC & Calibrate
Automatic and real-time
Work Environment
Temperature:10-32℃ Humidity:<85%
Light Source
12V/20W halogen lamp with lifespan over 2500 hours
Power Adapter
Input: AC100V-240, 50-60Hz
Output: 15V7.0A, 105W Max
6.5 inch multi-touch screen, Android system, multi-language support
4GB ROM,10000PCS data
Built-in thermal printer
IT Connection
2 USBs
4.2 Kg of the analyzer, 0.6 Kg of power adapter


Veterinary Infographic

Veterinary Infographic


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