Vet Mechanical Sector Ultrasound Scanner

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Model Number: NH-30046
Brand: Niche Healthcare


Feature & Benefits:

  1. Grid: 0, 1, 2 three modes (point grid, mesh grid), point adjustable distance, easy to quickly read the measurement target size;

  2. Routine measurement: distance, perimeter, area, volume and angle;

  3. Ergonomic handle design, small radian, more comfortable to hold;

  4. Storage: 127 pictures can be stored permanently;

  5. Dynamic range: 0-135db;

  6. Frame correlation: 0-15 step by step;

  7. The maximum display depth is 270mm;

  8. Interface: USB interface, video output interface, power interface, probe interface;

  9. Gain range: 0-100db;

  10. Near field adjustment range: – 31 ~ 0;

  11. Far field adjustment range: 0 ~ 31;

  12. Character brightness 0-255 can be adjusted step by step; character color 16 kinds can be adjusted;

  13. Energy saving setting: 0-120 minutes can be adjusted step by step, set the number of minutes in the specified time without operation, automatic power off;

  14. With time and date, key tone switch, standby protection, multi language selection, etc;

  15. Large capacity lithium battery, imported 18650 standard cell, can work for about 5 hours;

  16. Host size: 245x130x44mm (length x width x height);

  17. Main engine weight: 720g.



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The Veterinary Mechanical Sector Ultrasound Scanner for Sheep offers several healthcare benefits within a veterinary setting:

  1. Accurate Pregnancy Diagnosis: The ultrasound scanner enables veterinarians to perform accurate pregnancy diagnosis in sheep by visualizing fetal structures and confirming the presence of viable embryos or fetuses. This allows for timely identification of pregnant ewes and estimation of gestational age, facilitating appropriate management decisions and interventions to support reproductive health within the flock.

  2. Assessment of Reproductive Health: Veterinary ultrasound imaging allows for comprehensive evaluation of the reproductive organs and structures in sheep, including the uterus, ovaries, and fetal development. Regular ultrasound examinations enable veterinarians to monitor reproductive health parameters, such as follicular development, ovulation, and fetal growth, ensuring optimal reproductive performance and outcomes within the flock.

  3. Detection of Reproductive Disorders: The ultrasound scanner facilitates the detection of reproductive disorders and conditions affecting sheep, such as uterine infections, ovarian cysts, or reproductive tract abnormalities. Early identification of these conditions allows for prompt veterinary intervention and treatment, minimizing the risk of reproductive losses and optimizing overall flock health and productivity.

  4. Guidance for Reproductive Interventions: Mechanical sector ultrasound imaging provides real-time visualization and guidance for various reproductive interventions in sheep, such as artificial insemination (AI), embryo transfer, or fetal sexing. Accurate imaging of reproductive structures enables veterinarians to perform procedures with precision and confidence, enhancing the success rates and outcomes of assisted reproductive techniques within the flock.

  5. Monitoring of Fetal Health and Development: The ultrasound scanner allows for monitoring of fetal health and development throughout gestation in pregnant ewes. Veterinarians can assess fetal viability, growth, and positioning, as well as detect any abnormalities or complications that may arise during pregnancy. This information enables timely veterinary intervention and management to optimize neonatal survival rates and ensure healthy lamb production within the flock.

  6. Facilitation of Breeding Programs: Veterinary ultrasound imaging supports effective breeding programs in sheep by providing valuable information for breeding decisions and fertility optimization. Veterinarians can use ultrasound findings to assess reproductive performance, identify fertile ewes for mating, and monitor the effectiveness of breeding strategies, leading to improved breeding efficiency and genetic progress within the flock.

  7. Educational Tool for Producers: Mechanical sector ultrasound imaging serves as an educational tool for sheep producers, allowing them to visually understand the reproductive processes and health status of their flock. Veterinarians can use ultrasound images to educate producers on reproductive anatomy, breeding practices, and management strategies, empowering them to make informed decisions and improve flock productivity and profitability.


Technical Data

5.7-inch high resolution display
Routine measurement
distance, perimeter, area, volume and angle
Scanning mode
3.5m mechanical fan scanning
Ergonomic handle design, small radian, more comfortable to hold
Video playback
256 frames, playback image after detection, convenient for single person video recording;
Preheat function
one button preheat function in winter, no need to worry about the probe freezing
Four section frequency conversion
2.0MHZ, 2.5MHz, 3.5MHz, 5.0mhz
Operation interface
through up and down keys to select parameters, left and right keys to adjust size, macro layout, humanized
design, easier to operate


Veterinary Infographic

Veterinary Infographic


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