Veterinary Bovine Pregnancy Test Kit

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Model Number: NH-30044
Brand: Niche Healthcare


Feature & Benefits:

  1. Product specification:Detection card *1, blood collection needle *1, blood collection vessel *1, dropper *1.

  2. The period of validity:18 months.

  3. Save method:Preserve at 4-30C to ensure dry environment.

  4. Scope of application: Cows that have been mated for more than 28 days.


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The Disposable Veterinary Bovine Pregnancy Test Kit offers several healthcare benefits within a veterinary setting:

  1. Early Pregnancy Detection: The test kit allows for early detection of pregnancy in bovine animals, enabling veterinarians to confirm pregnancy status accurately during the early stages of gestation. This facilitates timely management decisions and interventions to optimize animal health and reproductive outcomes.

  2. Improved Reproductive Management: Early pregnancy detection provided by the test kit enhances reproductive management practices in bovine herds. Veterinarians can use the information obtained from the test results to adjust breeding schedules, monitor reproductive performance, and optimize breeding strategies for increased efficiency and productivity.

  3. Reduction of Reproductive Losses: Timely detection of pregnancy using the test kit helps reduce reproductive losses in bovine populations. By identifying non-pregnant animals early in the breeding cycle, veterinarians can implement timely interventions to address reproductive issues, prevent unnecessary breeding costs, and minimize the risk of economic losses associated with open or infertile cows.

  4. Cost-Effectiveness: The disposable nature of the test kit offers cost-effective pregnancy testing solutions for veterinary practices and cattle producers. The affordability and convenience of the kit make it accessible for routine pregnancy testing in large-scale cattle operations, allowing for efficient management of reproductive health without incurring significant expenses.

  5. On-Site Testing Capability: The availability of on-site pregnancy testing using the disposable kit eliminates the need for sending samples to external laboratories, reducing turnaround times for test results and minimizing logistical delays in reproductive management decisions. This enhances operational efficiency and convenience for veterinary practitioners and cattle producers alike.

  6. Facilitation of Timely Interventions: Early detection of pregnancy facilitated by the test kit enables veterinarians to implement timely interventions to support reproductive health and well-being in bovine animals. This may include nutritional adjustments, vaccination protocols, or other preventive measures tailored to the specific needs of pregnant cows, ensuring optimal outcomes for both dam and offspring.

  7. Enhanced Herd Health Monitoring: Regular use of the pregnancy test kit allows for systematic monitoring of reproductive performance and herd health status over time. By tracking pregnancy rates and trends within the herd, veterinarians can identify potential reproductive challenges or disease outbreaks early, enabling proactive management strategies to maintain herd health and productivity.



Veterinary Infographic

Veterinary Infographic


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