Veterinary Ovulation Detector

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Model Number: NH-30042
Brand: Niche Healthcare


Feature & Benefits:

  1. Waterproof, safe and convenient to use.
  2. Metal probe, hygienic and accurate.
  3. Automatic number, three digit display, more intuitive.
  4. Detecting the Best and Optimal Time for Mating Bitches.
  5. Identification of so called False Heat, Silent Heat and Ovarian Cycle Disorder.
  6. Elimination of problems associated with disorders during heat.
  7. Assists in avoiding the costs and time associated with repeated mating of the female dog.
  8. Effective in Time Saving and Reduction of Costly Visits to the Vet.
  9. Reduce Financial Costs and Expenses Associated with Multiple Mating.



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A portable veterinary ovulation detector offers several healthcare benefits within a veterinary setting:

  1. Optimized Breeding Programs: By accurately detecting ovulation in animals such as dogs, cows, and sheep, veterinary ovulation detectors assist in optimizing breeding programs. Timely detection of ovulation allows veterinarians and breeders to plan mating schedules more effectively, increasing the chances of successful conception and maximizing breeding efficiency.

  2. Improved Reproductive Management: Veterinary ovulation detectors help veterinarians and animal breeders to better manage the reproductive cycles of female animals. This enables them to identify the most fertile periods for breeding and to implement appropriate reproductive interventions, such as artificial insemination or embryo transfer, to achieve desired breeding goals.

  3. Early Detection of Reproductive Disorders: Ovulation detectors can also aid in the early detection of reproductive disorders or abnormalities in animals. By monitoring changes in hormone levels associated with ovulation, veterinarians can identify irregularities or potential health issues affecting reproductive function and intervene promptly to address them, thereby improving the overall reproductive health of animals.

  4. Reduction of Veterinary Costs: Efficient reproductive management facilitated by ovulation detectors can lead to cost savings for veterinary practices and animal breeding operations. By optimizing breeding outcomes and reducing the incidence of reproductive problems or failures, veterinarians can minimize the need for costly reproductive treatments or interventions, ultimately reducing veterinary expenses for clients.

  5. Enhanced Animal Welfare: Timely and accurate detection of ovulation contributes to the welfare of animals by facilitating natural and planned breeding processes. By ensuring optimal timing of mating or insemination, veterinary ovulation detectors help to minimize stress and discomfort for animals associated with prolonged or unsuccessful breeding attempts, promoting overall well-being and reproductive health.

  6. Facilitation of Genetic Improvement: Ovulation detectors play a crucial role in genetic improvement programs for livestock and breeding animals. By enabling precise timing of mating or insemination, veterinarians and breeders can strategically select parent animals with desirable genetic traits to propagate, leading to the production of offspring with improved characteristics and genetic diversity.

  7. Enhanced Breeding Efficiency: Veterinary ovulation detectors contribute to increased breeding efficiency by streamlining reproductive management processes and reducing the time and resources required for successful breeding outcomes. This allows veterinary practices and breeding operations to achieve higher productivity and profitability while maintaining reproductive health and welfare standards for animals.


Technical Data

automatically test once
9-volt battery Model 6F22
about 3 seconds
Value 10-1990
LCD screen
-10-50 ° C


Veterinary Infographic

Veterinary Infographic


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