Waterproof Wound Dressing Patch

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Model Number: NH-14060
Brand: Niche Healthcare


Feature & Benefits:

  • Soft, comfortable, waterproof, easy to use, suitable for different parts of body.
  • Prevent the wound from infection and the wound can be observed anytime.
  • High moisture permeability, prevent the gathering of moisture vapor between the dressing and skin, prolong use period life, reduce infection rate.
  • Good absorbency, decrease the wound maceration and supply a good healing environment for wounds.
  • The absorption pad is non-adhesive to wound.
  • Easy to be peeled off without secondary hurt to the wound.
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Waterproof wound dressing patches offer several healthcare benefits within the NHS:

  1. Infection Prevention: These dressings create a barrier against bacteria, dirt, and other contaminants, significantly reducing the risk of wound infections.

  2. Moisture Management: They help maintain a moist environment around the wound, which is conducive to faster healing and can minimize scarring by preventing the wound from drying out.

  3. Water Resistance: Patients can bathe, shower, and even swim without compromising the integrity of the wound dressing, which helps maintain hygiene and reduces the risk of wound contamination.

  4. Durability: Waterproof wound dressing patches are designed to stay securely in place for extended periods, reducing the need for frequent changes and minimizing disturbance to the healing process.

  5. Comfort: These patches are often designed to be flexible and comfortable, allowing for natural movement without causing irritation or detachment, which is especially beneficial for wounds located on joints or other high-movement areas.

  6. Protection Against Physical Damage: They shield the wound from mechanical stress, friction, and physical damage, further promoting a stable healing environment.

  7. Reduced Maceration Risk: Waterproof dressings effectively manage wound exudate, preventing excessive moisture build-up around the wound edges and reducing the risk of maceration of the surrounding skin.

  8. Transparency: Some waterproof dressings are transparent, allowing healthcare providers to monitor the wound without removing the dressing, thereby reducing the risk of contamination and infection.

  9. Versatility: These dressings can be used for a wide range of wound types, including surgical incisions, minor cuts, abrasions, burns, and chronic wounds, making them a versatile option for wound care in various clinical settings.

  10. Improved Patient Compliance: The convenience and effectiveness of waterproof wound dressing patches encourage patients to adhere to wound care protocols, leading to better overall outcomes.


Wound Care Costs 2023.24

Wound Care Costs 2023.24


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