Wide Bore Pipette Tips

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Wide bore tips are ideal for pipetting viscous materials, genomic DNA or delicate cell cultures.
Inside diameter at tip end is 0.06 inch (1.6 mm).
Certified free of detectable DNase, RNase, DNA, and PCR inhibitors. Sterile tips are also endotoxin-free.
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Cat. No.
200ul Wide bore pipette tips, 96tips/rack
200ul Wide bore pipette tips, 1000pcs/bag
1000ul Wide bore pipette tips, 96tips/rack
1000ul Wide bore pipette tips, 1000pcs/bag
200ul Wide bore pipette tips, with filter, 96tips/rack
200ul Wide bore pipette tips, with filter, 1000pcs/bag
1000ul Wide bore pipette tips, with filter, 96tips/rack
1000ul Wide bore pipette tips, with filter, 1000pcs/bag


Wide bore pipette tips offer several advantages in a healthcare environment, particularly in laboratory and clinical settings where precision and accuracy are crucial. Here are some benefits of using wide bore pipette tips:

  1. Efficient Pipetting of Viscous Samples: Wide bore tips are designed to accommodate thicker or more viscous samples that may be difficult to pipette with standard tips. This is particularly useful in healthcare settings where various types of samples with different viscosities need to be handled.

  2. Reduced Sample Retention: The wider opening of these tips minimizes the risk of sample retention, ensuring that the entire volume is dispensed accurately. This is especially important when working with expensive or limited-volume samples, as it helps to prevent wastage.

  3. Compatibility with Larger Pipettes: Wide bore tips are often used with larger pipettes, allowing for the efficient transfer of larger volumes. This is beneficial in situations where precise measurement of larger sample volumes is required.

  4. Prevention of Cross-Contamination: Wide bore tips are available as sterile, preventing cross-contamination between samples. This is crucial in healthcare environments where maintaining the integrity of samples and preventing the spread of infectious agents are top priorities.

  5. Facilitation of Rapid Sample Transfer: The wider opening allows for faster and more efficient sample transfer, improving workflow efficiency in laboratories and clinical settings. This is particularly advantageous when dealing with time-sensitive procedures or a high volume of samples.

  6. Ease of Pipetting: Wide bore tips make pipetting easier, especially when working with dense or particulate-laden samples. The wider opening reduces the chances of clogging and facilitates smoother pipetting.

  7. Versatility in Application: Wide bore pipette tips are versatile and suitable for various applications, including cell culture, molecular biology, and other research or diagnostic procedures. Their adaptability makes them valuable tools in diverse healthcare laboratory settings.

  8. Minimized Shear Stress: For delicate samples, wide bore tips can be gentler, minimizing shear stress during pipetting. This is particularly important when working with sensitive biological materials.

  9. Enhanced Visibility: Some wide bore tips come with features such as transparent or colored options, providing enhanced visibility during pipetting. This is useful for ensuring precision and accuracy in sample handling.

In summary, wide bore pipette tips offer enhanced efficiency, precision, and versatility in healthcare environments, making them valuable tools for various laboratory and clinical applications.


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