Yankauer Tubing Suction Set

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Model Number: NH-446584

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Consists of a Yankauer handle, tubing, and a container to collect the suctioned material. The Yankauer suction set is commonly utilized in various healthcare settings.


A Yankauer suction set is a medical device used for suctioning fluids and debris during surgical and medical procedures. It consists of a Yankauer handle, tubing, and a container to collect the suctioned material. The Yankauer suction set is commonly utilized in various healthcare settings, including operating rooms, emergency departments, and general patient care areas.

Here are some key features and information about the Yankauer suction set:

Yankauer Handle: The Yankauer handle is a rigid, Y-shaped or T-shaped instrument made of plastic or metal. It has an open tip with multiple holes for effective suction. The handle is typically connected to a suction tubing.

Suction Tubing: The Yankauer handle is attached to a length of flexible tubing that connects it to a suction source, such as a vacuum pump or wall suction. The tubing facilitates the transfer of fluids and debris from the patient to the collection container.

Tip Design: The Yankauer tip is often angled to allow for easy maneuvering and effective suctioning in various medical procedures. Some Yankauer tips may have a bulbous end to prevent tissue aspiration.

Materials: Yankauer suction sets are made from materials that can withstand sterilization processes to maintain aseptic conditions during medical procedures. Common materials include latex-free rubber, plastic, or metal.

Sterility: Aseptic techniques are crucial in medical procedures, and Yankauer suction sets are designed to be sterilized before use. They may be autoclaved or subjected to other approved sterilization methods.

Collection Container: The Yankauer suction set may include a container or collection bag to gather the suctioned material. This container helps keep the suctioned fluids separate from the suction tubing and prevents backflow into the patient.

Disposable or Reusable: Yankauer suction sets are available in both disposable and reusable forms. Disposable sets are discarded after a single use to prevent cross-contamination, while reusable sets can be sterilized between uses.

Applications: Yankauer suction sets are commonly used in oral and throat surgeries, as well as in general patient care settings to remove saliva, blood, or other fluids during suctioning procedures.

Proper use, cleaning, and sterilization procedures should be followed when using Yankauer suction sets to ensure patient safety and prevent infections. Healthcare professionals should be trained in the correct use and maintenance of these sets in accordance with medical standards and guidelines.


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