Quarter 1 Product Enquiries!
3rd May, 2024

In the past few months, we have been receiving heaps of new products enquiries; can you supply this? What about this? We need these as well! A lot of the products we have been able to supply, and a lot of them are things that you may never have even heard of, let alone know how to use! These enquiries have come from countries all across the world, from Australia to Indiana, America!

First of all, we received a call from a healthcare professional enquiring for some medical oral syringes. Now, although his doesn’t seem out of the ordinary, you can get these from supermarkets, they weren’t just any syringes. The sought after syringes needed to be ENFIT Compliant. In fewer words, these means that they needed to work with other pieces of equipment and not come with a cap. The cap on syringes has proved to be rather dangerous and it is now standard procedure to opt for syringes without the cap. Enfit Compliant syringes are available in a variety of sizes, from 1ml up to 20ml and are used in various hospital departments and units for all sorts of different procedures.

Following on from this, we also received a separate request for Medicine Bungs. Now at first, some of our team were clueless as to what these were. However, they were all surprised to learn they knew exactly what a medicine bung was. Have you ever been prescribed a liquid medication that has a rubber stop around the rim of the bottle? Well, if you have, the rubber stopper is actually called a medicine bung.  Although, these are often only given to parents with young children. The bung is designed to help with the administration of liquid medications through a syringe.  So, if you have a fussy child, who refuses to accept medicine without a fight, try a medicine bung!

Another product we received a call about in the last few weeks is Sterile Latex Gynaecology Gloves. These are not your average gloves. These are designed for gynaecology staff who may be doing frequent cervical examinations and helping with pregnant women. They extend up the forearm until the elbow for added protection. Although it is not common to find latex gloves in a hospital, these gloves are made from latex purposefully. Latex is a thicker material, offering more protection to both women and healthcare professionals are using them/ However, it is important that all parties confirm any latex allergies before moving ahead with these gloves as latex is common allergy.

Other enquires include:

These are just three of the hundreds of product enquiries we have received just this month. If you have any questions, or would like to make an enquiry of your own, feel free to reach out to a member of our team.


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