Recliner Chairs for the SCBU and Neonatal Department
13th March, 2020

A recently trending product which the NHS’s SCBU and Neonatal departments have produced great demand for is adjustable reclining chairs as they allow parents and their newborn babies to bond and achieve optimum skin-to-skin contact. Recliner chairs have been proven to help parents feel as comfortable and confident as possible when holding their little ones and providing baby care.


Studies have shown that the NHS procure their chair products with great attention to detail with the criteria being designed with patients comfort and  care in mind. Some of the features they look for in seating solutions is the correct height that will allow the patient to rest their feet comfortably and flat on the floor, when they are sitting up right. Another characteristic is the angle at the hip, which should be no less than 90 degrees. If the seat is too low, too much pressure is put on the buttocks and the base, of the spine. It may also be difficult to rise from the chair. If the seat is too high, too much pressure is put on the backs of the thighs and the feet may not reach the floor.


5 Benefits of Recliner Chairs

2 recliner chairs that provide comfort, safety and can be easily adjusted to meet your requirements.

There are a vast number of recliner chairs on the market so you need to ensure that you get the one that will meet all your requirements. We have looked to see what the market currently has to offer and we have identified 3 recliner chairs that provide comfort, safety and can be easily adjusted to meet your requirements.

The Kangaroo Bariatric Multi-Lock Recliner

This expertly designed reclining medical sleeper chair comes on casters with Multi-Lock features to provide the support and security required for mother and her newborn . Built with an independent footrest and back reclining motion that can be operated with minimal effort. An outside lever is used to operate the footrest, with the back being controlled by a recess finger pull. The chair has the capability to be reclined into a number of different positions with the facility to lock into each of them. It is designed and built so that it can withstand a weight of upto 650lb with dimension that measure as follow; Overall: 47″H x 36″W x 32″D Seat: 20″H x 28″W Reclined: 69″D.


The Suspend Glider Recliner

With a 350lb weight capacity the Suspend Glider Recliner offers comfort and security for mother and child with a choice of three different relaxing positions for you to  bond in. The chair has the facility to glide whilst in the upright position but is designed with your safety in mind and will stop gliding as soon as you start to recline it. The 1st recline position can be reached by controlling the footrest lever, with the fully reclined position being achieved by pushing on the arms. If required this chair has the option to be fitted with casters for ease of manoeuvrability. Overall measurements of this model are as follows: 44”H x 30”W x 32”D; Fully Reclined – 68”D & Seat 19”H x 32W.


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