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3rd November, 2023

Top Maternity Accessories Recommend By us!

Pregnancy and labour come with A LOT of side effects and symptoms: nausea, tiredness, aches & pains, to name only a few. We understand that not all pregnant women will experience the side effects, but for the ones that do, we have put together a list of products we think will definitely ease the side effects.

Birthing balls have been used to ‘induce’ labour for years now; they have become increasingly common in the labour room for pregnant women. Typically, they are known to help encourage labour’, but that’s not all they are good for. Birth balls are great for relieving back pain and decreasing pressure on the pelvis. Back pain during pregnancy is extremely common and can quite often cause women increased discomfort and pain. Decreased pelvic pressure is going to help women to feel more relaxed and comfortable (given the circumstances).

Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries (OASI) refer to tears experienced during the second stage of childbirth. In order to decrease chances of women experiencing this, we recommend using perineal warmer compress’. These are single-use, warming pads that can be folded to heat and placed against the perineum during labour to help soften the tissues and promote stretch in the skin. This should hopefully, decrease the risk of tare, subsequently reducing pain and side effects of labour as perineal trauma can cause excruciating pain for women weeks after childbirth.

There are also side effects that occur after birth. One of the most common after birth effects is mastitis. This occurs when there is a build of milk in the milk ducts which can cause pain, inflammation and swelling of the breasts. Mastitis makes breastfeeding extremely uncomfortable for women and can affect the breastfeeding routine with their baby. The breast gel pads are a simple, yet effective way to soothe symptoms of mastitis and encourage breastfeeding. They are reusable, silicon pads that mould to the breast. They can be used hot or cold to provide different therapy to the breasts and nipples. Hot therapy will help with inflammation and encourage milk to flow. Cold therapy will reduce swelling and ease pain. They are safe to use and are designed to be used before, during or after breastfeeding.

All of the above products are designed to assist women through pregnancy and improve process for the comfort of labouring women!

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