Reduce The Risk Of An OASI
24th November, 2023

Many women fear childbirth for multiple reasons, one of the most common fears being pain. There are multiple ways that pain during birth can be reduced and one of those is a Perineal Warmer: a warm compress that uses heat to soothe and reduce pain during childbirth. Perineal warmers allow the woman to feel the effects during the labour process and after.  

What is a Perineal Warmer? 

A perineal warmer is a heat compress that can be placed on the women’s perineum when she is in labour. It is recommended to use the perineal warmer during the second stage of labour as this is when the women may need the most support and comfort. The perineal warmer is to be held in place to ensure that maximum relaxation and soothing is provided to the women. The perineal warmer reduces the pain of birth by enabling the woman’s tissues to become more flexible, which is vital for birth, subsequently reducing th4e risk of tearing and an OASI. 

There are many side effects of birth, one of them being ‘tearing’ which can cause extreme pain and discomfort for the woman. However, the perineal warmer can be used to reduce the risk of this as the placement of the warmer will allow the flexibility of the tissues to cause ‘stretching’ instead of ‘tearing’. 

Added benefits of Perineal Warmers  

Added stress during birth is not something that any woman wants nor needs. Preparing for birth is guaranteed to cause stress to any woman. However, with the perineal warmers, the stress of women in childbirth can be reduced as the warm compress helps to encourage a natural birth, removing any stress of medical intervention or complications.

Not only this, but perineal warmers also relax the woman’s body through increasing the blood flow to allow tissues and muscles to become more flexible during the labour process. As a woman, who wouldn’t want an easy birth with reduced pain? 


When should you use a Perineal Warmer? 

It is recommended that during the second stage of labour, a perineal warmer should be used. This is because the second stage of labour sees the woman pushing for the child and normally, women can experience lots of painful side effects at this stage. The aim is to reduce these side effects and prevent them before they even occur. By placing a perineal warmer on the woman’s perineum at this stage, she should experience less pain and less side effects during and after the birth.

If you would like a perineal warmer during birth, ensure that you add it to your birth plan to make everyone aware that this is what you would prefer. You may also want to discuss this with your midwife so that they are prepared for this.  



Alternatives For Heat

Hospitals up and down the country are using a plethora of ways to provide heat to mums during stage 2 labour. These methods include using mixer taps and flannels/swabs. However, we have found that a common occurrence is the temperature of the water and the need to refill and clean: the process is complex and can take up a chunk of time. Accurately measuring the temperature of the water and maintaining is added stress to midwives and mums during labour. whereas, with a perineal warmer compress, the temperature is accurately set and there is no need for measurements. 

OASI2 Project 

A project was set up recently, aiming to tackle the risk of an OASI- an obstetric anal sphincter injury- that can cause much discomfort to new mums. The OASI project was set up in support women suffering side effects and injures during and after labour.

The OASI2 project includes helping to reduce the number of women affected by an OASI during birth and work to prevent this from happening. This includes reducing the damage to the perineum during delivery. This project is taking places in over 30 hospitals up and down the country. The OASI Care Bundle helps to make birth as comfortable and safe as possible for all mums by finding ways to make labour an easier process and with the most achievable comfort.  



Find out more 

Together we can help new and existing mums prepare themselves for birth by encouraging the use of perineal warmers and demonstrate to them how birth can be safe and painless, with reduced risks and fears.  For more information, check out our website  at www.nicheofficesolutions or drop us an email at Call 01274 965089 to speak to one of our sales team. To keep up to date with our latest innovation technology range, be sure to follow our social media @nicheofficesolutions across all platforms.  

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