Special Gifts for Bereavement
8th May, 2024

In Quarter one, we released a Bereavement product range to our customers.

The Bereavement products were created with the thought of grieving and longing parents in mind. We want to encourage parents to savour the memory of their children who have passed. To do this, we are offering a range of products to our NHS customers and Bereavement Midwifery Teams that offer multiple ways of creating lasting memories and memorabilia of babies. 

One of the products we are offering is the ‘Certificate of Life’. This is a custom certificate that acknowledges the life and journey of babies who have passed, no matter how short their time was.

It remembers the little details, including:

These certificates can be kept by parents as a way of remembering the journey their child had, whilst also acknowledging the team of healthcare professionals who helped them through this period. We hope that this can bring clarity and encourage peace upon grieving parents. However, we also understand that all parents grieve differently, and no grief is the same. 


Niche Healthcare Certificate of Life.

Niche Healthcare Certificate of Life.


Another products on offer is the Hand and Foot Print Ink Pads! It has become increasingly common over the years for parents to collect the hand and foot prints of their children as a sort of keepsake. However, this can be a very messy process for some parents! Well, our ink pads are technically ‘ink-less’. By this, we mean that the ink does not come directly into contact with the skin, meaning its mess free and stress free! 

The ink pads are currently available in light pink and light blue (we may have more colours coming soon…) Each pad comes with 2 pieces of card, perfect for collecting both hand and footprints.

The ink pads are easy to use, simply:

  1. Remove the outer packaging.
  2. Take one of the card pieces and place directly over the front of the ink pad (the front has a red square at the bottom).
  3. Hold the card against the front and turn over to the flat side of the ink pad.
  4. Place the child’s hand/foot against the back and push down gently.
  5. Hold down for 5-20 seconds to get the best print. 
  6. Remove the hand/foot and reveal the print on the card. 
  7. Repeat this process on the second card, alternating between hand or foot. 
  8. Once you have completed your prints, simply place the ink pads and the packaging in the bin. 
  9. Keep the ink pad and the packaging away from unsupervised children!


Blue baby hand print pack.

Blue baby hand print pack.


To view the whole range, contact a member of our team who will send all of the available products over. Both the ink pads and the certificates of life are available to purchase online now!


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