Stock Up For The School Year!
24th November, 2023

With the end of the summer holidays upon us, that can only mean one thing. The beginning of the new academic year can be stressful, and daunting for som. We want to make going back to school an easy, peaceful process. We have put together a list of essentials to make the start of your academic year get off to the best possible start!

Stock up on paper now!

Paper prices are constantly fluctuating, and you never know when that’s going to change. However, right now, paper prices are lowering. Our advice, stock up now while its cheap. We have a wide range of paper, including coloured, thick, thin & so much more. We can accommodate to all of your paper needs!

Find you perfect projector & AV board.

It is important that classrooms are equipped with the best technology to use when it comes to education. Teachers need a reliable, user-friendly AV board that they can use daily with ease. Not only that, but a good projector to use alongside is just as important. They need high-quality, high speed and efficient equipment when it comes to their classroom.

Stationary is key.

Kitting out a classroom is vital. The list of stationaries needed for a classroom is never-ending: pens, pencils, paper, rulers, crayons & so much more. We know how much stationary teachers can go through a year and we want to get them off to the best start with all the equipment they need to start the academic year.

Computer equipment.

Typically, schools have hundreds of iPad for students to use whilst at school. Or, they have a large collection of laptops and desktops. We understand how these can wear down over the years, especially with students mistreating them. We want to help keep on top of IT and computing equipment with a large range of brand-new laptops, desktops & more, suitable for the school learning environment.

Never losing charge!

With all the IT equipment circulating in schools, it is vital to keep on top of charging. With hundreds of ipads and laptops, manual charging is not efficient. Therefore, we believe a charging trolley is the best investment. This way, you can charge anywhere from 30-50 ipads/laptops at once , whilst being able to easily transport them.

These are just five things we know are important to schools when it comes to starting of the new school year and we want to share that with everyone. If our think there is something we may have missed of off out list, or don’t agree with, let us know!


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