The Affect Of Blue Light
24th November, 2023

How many hours do you spend exposed to technology every day? Sometimes we don’t want to admit it, but we are spending far too much time on our phones or watching tv or on the computer. We are so engrossed in what’s going on with technology that we don’t take a step back and see what technology is doing to us. And I don’t mean we’re all becoming addicted; I mean the physical affect.

The bright light emitted from screens, does anyone actually know what that is? To be honest, not many people do, and I don’t think many peoples are actually interested. But they should be. Blue light is emitted from all of our technological devices and yet we still sit there and stare them in the faces for hours and hours on end.

Blue light from phone screens.

Blue light from phone screens.

What does blue light actually do? Blue light is a form of radiation, which is never a good thing if you think about it. But it’s the effect of blue light that’s eventually- if not already- going to take its toll on you. There are little side effects that come from too much exposure to blue light, yet they have the ability to really affect you, or just really annoy you.

Did you know that people with more exposure to blue light through technology blink less frequently than others? So, if you think you’re not blinking very often, that might be the reason why. However, it’s not just a fun fact, it can be quite serious. You’re not blinking, so your eyes are going to become dry. The drier your eyes, the more irritated and tired you are going to feel.

 Or, you may begin to feel strain on your eyes, to the point where you begin squinting when looking at a screen. When you squint, all the muscles in your face become tense and strained. This way, you’re just going to tire out your face and look like you haven’t slept in years. All side effects of blue light may also be accompanied by a lasting headache, and absolutely no one needs that when they’re trying to browse Facebook.

Man suffers headache from blue light exposure.

Man suffers headache from blue light exposure.

No one is going to give up technology, it would be stupid to ask. But there are some cautionary steps you can take to ensure that you are at least trying to save yourself from some of the blue light emissions. Some are that simple, that they are completely cost free.  Reducing the amount of time on your phone/iPad/computer can help maintain your eye health little by little.

 However, if you know you’re not going to do this, at least buy a blue-light screen protector. Think of it as a positive, you can save your eyes and your device from damage with only one screen protector. It’s a win-win situation.

 If you still aren’t convinced, but you are used to wearing glasses, you might benefit from some yellow-tinted computer/technology glasses. The yellow tint is going to help cancel out some of the blue and you don’t even have to do anything. The sooner you save your eyes, the longer you’ll have to sit in front of the tv all day watching tv and not do anything.

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