The Demand for Rugged Tablets Is On The Increase
10th January, 2022

Technology over the last 5 years has seen the demand for tablets increase as the requirement for field-based functionality that can support the needs of the mobile worker.


Moving With the Times

A vast percentage of our workforce work in an environment that is not a traditional office setting and probably never will be. However, not working in an office setting doesn’t mean the equipment generally associated with the traditional office. Think about the requirements of first responders, insurance adjustors, utility technicians, residential and commercial service providers, and others out in the field every day helping to build, protect and maintain our communities. They need a way to stay digitally connected to critical infrastructure systems and each other no matter how physically distanced they are from the office or their colleagues.

Employees need to be able to be access, capture and/or share information on the spot, no matter what. What they need is a large screen rugged 2-in-1 tablet with a keyboard that can be folded in for a “close and go” laptop solution or completely detached when they need a true tablet to move about quickly.


Today’ Mobile Workforce Trends

Over the past few years, the size of the field-based workforce has shown a rapid increase leading to an increased demand for the equipment needed, so that these people can do there jobs efficiently and effectively. This is where the rugged 2-In-1 comes in with a form factor / specification that is an evolution of the traditional “convertible” notebook. However, the benefits of the 2-In-1 tablet goes beyond its physical flexibility. With the recording of more digital based work in the field there is a greater level of content creation and consumption occurring. The 2-in-1 form factor is the logical device to enable.

A police officer called to a crime scene, of an RTA (Road Traffic Accident), with a rugged 2-In-1 at hand, can check driver’s licences, validate insurance and registration documents, take pictures, statements and submit a report there and then, without having to return to his police vehicle. If subsequently called to another incident they can use the tablet to respond, report their location, get debriefed and co-ordinate with other agencies while travelling to the incident.


Going Forward

When it’s time to replace your mobile workers’, laptops then give serious consideration to the multi-functional and rugged 2-In-1 tablet. An additional benefit is that some of the newer models have friction hinge keyboards that will also give users a laptop-like experience until it needs to be used as a tablet. Users may note even notice that they do not have a real laptop until they need to use it as a tablet, when they will notice a huge difference. They will have the ability to get their work done regardless of where their “working environment”.

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