The Future of Healthcare – Zebra Technologies Changing Healthcare
21st January, 2020

It’s official. According to the National Health Service (NHS), pagers will be considered obsolete in the next two years. (At least in the U.K.) Can you believe it?

If you can’t, it’s probably for one of two reasons:

  1. You thought that pagers went the way of the pay phone around 1999; &
  2. You’re a millennial and don’t even know what a pager (or pay phone) is.

But the shocking truth is that many healthcare facilities are still using this outdated communications technology to reach doctors and clinicians.

According to this BBC report, the NHS “still uses about 130,000 pagers, which is about 10% of the total left in use globally.” That means that approximately 1.3 million pagers are sending messages to doctors and other clinical staff around the world as you read this.

Did your jaw just drop again?

There are a few reasons why pagers are still so prevalent in healthcare facilities, 30 years after their use surpassed their peak:

  1. They can quickly alert and activate medical team members in an emergency;
  2. Pagers use a dedicated network to send messages, making them highly reliable communication tools with minimal transmission delays; &
  3. They are lightweight and mobile.

However, there are just as many reasons – if not more reasons – why a pager should not be the first (or only) device a healthcare provider uses to initiate communications with other care team members, even in an emergency but unfortunately this is significant of why the future of healthcare is changing with better applications such as Zebra technologies related healthcare products.


What is changing?

We are becoming more digital and using better devices that help us achieve our targets within a consolidated manner. Barcode scanning is helping at a huge scale, document scanners are playing their part to systemise information centrally.

Our understanding to scan, upload, organise is most certainly making us more efficient. The purpose of this change is required undoubtably within the healthcare sector as with the pressures for the NHS sector to achieve digital status. Much “red tape” in this sector, however positive change is filtering slowly but surely.



Overall Summary

From our research, analysis we take on board that technology is advancing and moving at vast speed with Zebra technologies providing high quality innovative healthcare products.

We predict massive changes for the NHS, the good news is for the better due to improved devices, applications/apps that Zebra technologies, is providing to the healthcare industry worldwide. From the statistics above/infographics it’s clear that improvements within the healthcare market should commence anytime soon.

Organisations such as Zebra technologies are working to present innovation, solutions at the highest level for clinical technology.

The products which are making a positive impact for clinical IT managers are the Zebra ZQ610-HC and TC51-HC.

Zebra’s healthcare solutions improve the quality of patient care by utilising, barcode , asset tracking technologies, GS1 compliant wristband solutions, instantly update patient data to the ERP system, connect workers through instant message and alerts, rugged clinical smartphone with toughened glass designed for multiple drops on concrete, blood labelled at point of collection, healthcare plastics designed to meet infection control standards, hot swappable battery for 24 hour use, improve inventory management and automate stock replenishment, increase speed of patient discharge with e-prescribing, automatically deploy facilities and streamline bed management.


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