The Redefined Fujitsu fi-8000 Series Has Arrived!
14th March, 2022

The world’s best-selling scanner just got better

Introducing New technology. New capabilities. New customer benefits. New sales for you!


What does this scanner do?

The fi-8000 series empowers users to accurately capture and digitize customer or employee data, enrolment applications, invoices, receipts and more. The series enables unprecedented scanning at scale in an easy-to-use, compact form factor ideal for front or back-office operations.


Why is this the best scanner out there?

This scanner has many upgraded innovations include straight-to-cloud scanning and clear image capture making it a lot easier for yourselves which also enables creation of usable data from both handwritten and typed documents. We’ve redefined the Fujitsu fi‑8000 Series to enable customers to overcome today’s capture challenges and drive sustainable business outcomes.

The great benefits that come with this product:





“By redefining the benchmark for what’s possible in terms of real‑life throughput and image accuracy the Fujitsu fi‑8000 Series sets new customer expectations as to the quality and efficiency of their information capture. This in turn delivers better decision making, competitiveness and long‑term strategic advantage for businesses.”
Hiroaki Kashiwagi, President, and CEO of PFU (EMEA) Limited.


This scanner includes a range of assets to support the launch for you to share with your colleagues as well as help you create your product pages and get selling.

So, make sure you access our launch and product videos, lifestyle and product shots, brochure, and sales deck!


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