The Top 10 Best Smartphones of 2022!
3rd May, 2022

Buying a quality phone is one of the most important decisions you can make in this era – a good phone will be your constant companion, keeping you connected, entertained, and informed throughout the day.

When choosing a new phone, you need to ask yourself: what’s important to you? A good screen, a powerful chipset, a long-lasting battery, fast charging, capable cameras, a hardy design, or something else entirely?

Carry on reading to know all about the Top 10 smartphones of 2022, with all the incredible features and advantages.

It’s been a very, very busy few months for smartphones, and nearly every mobile brand has put out one or more handsets that we’ve considered for this list.


1. Samsung galaxy ultra s22

A top tier smartphone, and it takes our best crown

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is a big, powerful, and attractive Android phone. It’s super-versatile, ready for important work, hand-written notes, gaming, and casual big-screen web browsing – and the cameras are a clear highlight, with the Space Zoom capabilities taking you to infinity and beyond. And, yes, you’ll pay handily for all these features. This smartphone also includes an incredible camera and zoom, along with an excellent little s pen.


2. iPhone 13 pro/ iPhone 13 pro max

The best smartphone for iOS fans

Great performance, Strong battery life. The iPhone 13 Pro is one of 2021’s best smartphones battery life is the best we’ve seen in Apple’s Pro iPhone, and you’re also getting top-level performance, a great camera package and a super-smooth 120Hz screen. Interesting macro photography mode. Camera features – The iPhone 13 Pro also offers a fantastic camera experience, with a versatile array of cameras that can handle both daytime and night shooting with ease. The telephoto and macro cameras mean you can shoot at a variety of distances, too.

iPhone pro max – If you’re after the best iPhone Apple has ever made by a long way, then the iPhone 13 Pro Max is it – mostly down to having a genuinely long-lasting battery – but you’re getting a decent amount for your money. The low light camera is excellent, the power onboard outstrips any phone on the market for heavy tasks and it’s bound together by a cohesive user interface and app experience. If you want a big iPhone that you’ll enjoy for years, this is it.


3. OnePlus 10 Pro

Bringing Pro feature to a lower price

This is a great Android choice if you don’t want a Galaxy smartphone – it has a great-looking 6.7-inch AMOLED screen, a super-powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset and incredibly fast 80W charging (unless you live in the US, where it’s 65W).

Three rear cameras, a good degree of versatility, and there are also a few camera modes created in co-operation with Hasselblad, which delivers the best in image quality, resolution, and detail capture possible. More importantly, it’s the size of the pixels that makes the biggest difference in image quality. The bigger a pixel is, the more light-gathering capability it possesses.


4. Google Pixel 6/ Google Pixel 6 pro

The best phones for pure Android

Multitalented camera, big and beautiful screen. The Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro are the most exciting phones Google has launched in a long time, or arguably ever.

They both have a design that’s unlike any other phones, with a large camera visor and a three-tone colour scheme, and they’re just as interesting on the inside, with a Google Tensor chipset that’s been designed and built specifically for these handsets.

Both also excel for taking photos, with a 50MP main and 12MP ultra-wide snapper – along with a 48MP telephoto camera offering 4x optical zoom in the Pixel 6 Pro’s case. It’s the first genuinely top-tier handset from the company. If you want to experience Android software in its purest form, this is the handset to buy right now. Plus, it has a beautiful screen and a superb camera.


5. iPhone 13

A great iPhone for people who don’t need all the top specs

The iPhone 13 has a bright and clear screen. The main which compiles the web-app and bootstraps the AppModule to run in the browser and ultra-wide perform well, with the former having larger pixels than the iPhone 12’s. With improved image stabilization too, plus some new shooting modes and features, there’s a lot to play with here, and a lot to like. The iPhone 13 offers better battery life, a better processor, and an upgraded camera setup than iPhones that have gone before it. If you’re looking for a fast and capable smartphone, and don’t need the extra features of the pricier Pro model, this is a top choice.


6. Samsung Galaxy S22

Great for fans of small Androids

A small and solid build, excellent performance smartphone, a lot more affordable than the Ultra. This model has flashier features and a bigger, better-looking screen. This is a good Android phone for people who like compact, easily holding mobiles – our tests found it to be powerful with a decent battery. It’s also one of the more affordable mobiles that you’ll find on this list. The Samsung Galaxy S22 is small, fast, and offers a clean and reliable Android experience. It’s an incremental update that keeps what was good in the S21, and upgrades the camera, processor, and materials to create a solid Android device.


7. Xiaomi 12 Pro

A lightning-fast Xiaomi phone

A refined look, incredibly fast to charge. 6.7-inch screen looks fantastic, and the 120Hz refresh rate and 2K resolution give you a wonderful viewing experience.

In our camera test we found the Xiaomi 12 Pro took good-looking photos, refined design that keeps fingerprints at bay with class-leading fast-charging, a zingy screen, and stacks of power.


8. Oppo Find X5 Pro

A fashionable phone

One of the best camera phones, impressively good battery life. It’s also great for its software, with lots of customization options so you can make the home page design ‘yours’. The Oppo Find X5 Pro is, generally, an impressive flagship phone with an attractive display, powerful processor, excellent main camera, and fast charging capabilities. It even excels in some areas where flagships can be spotty, like in the battery and software departments.


9. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

if you’re looking for the ultimate smartphone experience in 2022, this is the one

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has an excellent camera zoom, mesmerizing design. It features a top 6.8-inch screen with a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate and a Quad HD resolution. This is one of the best smartphones displays on the market.

The battery life is also solid, and we found it’d often see us through a whole day from a full charge. Note the Galaxy S21 Ultra doesn’t come with a charger in the box though, so you’ll have to use your existing one or buy one separately. 100x zoom photography. It wowed us with a huge screen, five cameras and the best zoom on any readily available Android phone.


10. Realme GT 2

An amazing but also affordable phone

Great value, Powerful processor. The phone has a 50MP main camera that’s great for taking colourful pictures, and it’s also great in low-light conditions. In fact, the Sony sensor at play here trounces some of the other 50MP cameras in the above phones when you’re taking night pictures, and we loved taking shots in the dark with it. The processor here is also impressive for such an affordable phone, and it’ll be just as great for gaming as any of the other handsets on this list.

Plus, the charging is wonderfully quick.

The Realme GT is powerful little Android smartphone with a top processor, fast charging, and a svelte build. There’s a lot to like about it, most importantly the price, as this device is a lot more affordable than its specs suggest, and so if you’re on the market for a budget beast then this is a great option.


Not found the best smartphone yet?

You’re at the end of our best smartphone guide, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you still – if you’re stuck on which model is for you, speak to one of our specialists today to compare all the phones together and you can decide which one suits you best based on the cost.


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