The UK’s Top 10 Favourite Ranked Desserts
13th December, 2021

It’s true that the UK is a nation of dessert lovers, and we’re never too short of excuses to indulge in our sweet cravings.

But which can claim the title as the UK’s favourite dessert?

10. Banoffee Pie

The Banoffee pie, has been ranked at number 10. Banoffee pie consists of Bananas, caramel, biscuit and cream. Do you agree with this choice as number 10?

9. Scones

Yes, you may have guessed it, that scones are in the line-up. Whether its butter, jam, or cream, you can always count that these are in the cupboard, to have as a snack or a tasty treat.

8. Red Velvet cake

This might have come a surprise to some people, but for most this will be excitement for most who agree. This ruby red sponge cake has become a favourite for birthdays and celebrations. What’s your go-to cake?

7. Pineapple upside down cake

This classical cake has made its way to number 7. From school dinners to your dining room table, this fluffy, fruity sponge, is a showstopper for everyone who tastes it.

6. Bread and butter pudding

The pudding that can be eaten hot or cold, has taken the hearts of many. With adding, raisins, marmalade or just your original butter topping, it takes its spot at number 6.


Now were at the Top 5…


5. Cheesecake

To your original cheesecake, to strawberry, raspberry and lemon flavoured, this pudding has taken its rightful place at number 5. To stop at a shop and pick one up or to make it at home, this will always take pride at people’s dinner parties. 

4. Jelly and ice cream

Whether it’s eating a raspberry flavoured jelly in a bowl on its own, or with custard or ice cream, this has always been a winner with children and even adults. An easy but tasty dessert for all takes its spot at number 4.


Were nearly there…


3. Sticky toffee pudding

Now who can disagree with this pudding in the top 3, because I know I can’t. With ice cream or custard, this pudding is chosen by all folks with a sweet tooth.

2. Victoria sponge cake

Your chosen number 2. The most loved classical cake, the Victoria sponge. Personally, this is my favourite cake and agree with the chosen choice at 2, what do you think?


And you most favourited and the one you have been waiting for…



You may have guessed it at the start, but this show stopping crumble is the nations loved dessert… the Crumble. Whether its apple or mixed berry crumble, this gorgeous dessert is either perfect on its own or with ice cream or custard. What would your number 1 be? Do you agree with this?


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