Understanding Care In Neonatal
24th November, 2023

Caring for babies and infants can be very complex and it is crucial that they get the right level of care. But, what are the levels of neonatal care available? What care should your baby be getting and how do you know what it means ?

Transitional Care

Transitional care provides care for babies who need the lowest level of supported care after birth. Typically, both you and your baby stay together in transitional care as baby is well enough to remain under mother’s care. However, they may have mild illness or require simple treatments, including jaundice treatment or assistance with feeding. Alternatively, once you return home, if you re re-admitted to hospital shortly after, transitional care is most commonly where you will be cared for.

Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU)

Alternatively known as ‘SCBU’, the special care baby unit will most commonly look after babies born after 32 weeks gestation who do not require intensive care and monitoring. There are various methods of care provided within SCBU, including breathing/respiration monitoring, treating low body temperatures and blood sugar levels and assisting babies who are tube fed. Moreover, babies may also receive jaundice treatment within SCBU, however they may also get this in transitional care depending on severity and gestation at birth.

Local Neonatal Unit (LNU)

Local neonatal units specialise in more intense, yet short-term care for babies born between 27-31 weeks gestation. Often, the care provided from a LNU will last up to 48 hours and will include short-term treatments and monitoring. This can include CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) and ventilation as a method breathing support, especially for babies with Apnoea. It can also include feeding support via a drip in a vein, ot just un-wellness after birth.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

This is the highest level of care. Babies born before 28 weeks gestation are typically cared for I the NICU. This provides them the best care for serious illnesses including, breathing support, monitoring, long-term feeding assistance or for babies pre/post surgery. The care provided here is long-term which means babies are cared for a minimum 48 hours, but can last week’s/months depending on treatment and condition of illness.

These are the different ward and unites your baby may be treated on depending on gestation and severity of illness. The wards are designed to be able to give the best level of specialised care for babies.

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