The Advantages Of Using Animated Video’s In Business
6th December, 2021


In order to succeed in business it is important to create awareness of yourself and the products and services that you are selling. Businesses of all sizes are now using animated videos to reach wider audiences than ever before. Animation has very quickly become an important element of marketing and has been proven to boost conversions and increase engagement. Don’t miss out, take a look at what animation can do for your business and your profitability.

Businesses first started using animation on their websites for promotional purposes, in 1996, when Flash animation was invented. Since that date there has been a huge development in website animation with web designers now having specialised tools and skill sets that enables them to create content with responsive capabilities.

Business are continually competing for the attention of consumers and potential customers to create awareness and get themselves noticed, through the use of street ads to stickers on computers and laptops. Retaining viewer attention is what helps to create success and understanding how this is achieved is an essential business attribute.

You may have already contemplated the use of animation to enhance your video sales letters, explainer videos, and other media. If you do go ahead with this then you will be among the many major corporations and successful start-ups who have also used this medium to their benefit.


Advantages of Using Animation in Web Design

It Brings Any Idea to Life

Animation provides an endless stream of customisation and creativity that will easily bring to life any story or message that you want to communicate, without the need for elaborate sets or special effects.

It Easily Explains Complex Ideas

This lack of restriction allows animation to conveying complex or abstract topics that would be hard to tackle using live action.

Animated Videos Boost Conversions

Animated videos have proven to be more successful in engaging audiences with studies showing that they are using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by up to 86%.

Animated Videos Increase Your Site’s SEO

The time spent on your website is a contributing factor taken into account by Google’s search engine when it is looking for pages to show. It is also a factor that is highly rated by Google’s algorithms and their use on your site will boost your SEO and help it to rank higher in searches.


Disadvantages of Using Animation in Web Design

Too Much Can Distract Users

Although animation can guide users down a page it can also distract them from your message. Always keep in mind that it’s what draws a user’s attention, so you need to be certain that it’s not drawing that attention away from your copy and CTAs. Bear in mind that  ineffective or overcrowded animation can irritate users and make them leave your website for another.

They Can Slow Loading Speeds

Badly created animation can cause slow loading times for web pages. This will adversely affect the user experience, be annoying and increase bounce rates. Long loading times will also impact Google crawlers and decrease your ranking in Google SERPs.

So, Should You Use Website Animations?

The overriding point comes down to the user experience that you want to and are able to create. Undoubtedly website animations are capable of doing great things for your business, but they have to be done correctly if they are to be of any benefit.

You should think carefully about the following before adding animation to your site:

The timing and quality, of your animation, will make your website’s UX seamless and memorable. Pay attention to the scale and execution of your animation and continually impact test them on users to ensure that they convert for your business. Also, make sure that any animation you post functions as you intend across devices and that you use a quality hosting service.


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