Waste Hand Sanitiser?
24th November, 2023

Panic Buying

2020 saw sales for hand sanitiser skyrocket and why was that? Covid-19. With the pandemic in full force, the country began to panic buy hand sanitiser. So much was bought that shelves were empty and there was a struggle to get any for long periods of time afterwards. At the time is was completely necessary, but were in 2023 now and we don’t need it nearly as much as we once did. So, we’ve got excess hand sanitiser and don’t know what to do with it. Well, chances are its actually expired so you cant get any use out of it.

Covid Vs Sanitiser

What people don’t know is that there were only certain hand sanitisers that would work for killing the virus. Between 60-90% alcohol inclusion was necessary for hand sanitiser to be effective against the virus. This rate for alcohol in hand sanitiser is not what you might find in your day-to-day hand sanitiser. The alcohol content also means that hand sanitiser is classes as hazardous substance.

However, we are 3 years down the line now and the pandemic is over. But the hand sanitiser stock for large organisations remains. There are unopened bottles and half used bottles that are still kicking around. They’re useless. They can’t be used anymore, so its time to get rid.

Gallons of hand sanitiser is soon to go out of date as a result of panic buying during the 2020 Covid 19 pandemic.

Waste hand sanitiser as a result of the 2020 pandemic.


Hand Sanitiser Disposal

I’m here to tell you that it is not that easy unfortunately. Because of the high alcohol content, we can’t just pour it down the drain. All that alcohol down the drain is going to cause drainage issues that nobody wants to deal with. Also, with it being considered a hazardous substance, it completely goes against the clean water act.

 You could take it to the local tip, but they can only store so much of it meaning if you have a large amount, chances are they won’t have anywhere for you to put it.

You might be thinking ‘oh well, ill just put in thee bin, no one will know.’ This is never a good idea. Putting sanitiser in the bin is highly dangerous with it being a flammable liquid and a hazardous one. Instead, ensure it is disposed of correctly and safely.

Disposal Services

Instead of worrying about this yourself, it would be a lot easier to just get someone to dispose of it for you. By using a disposal service, you don’t need to stress about accurately following government guidelines and making sure it is don’t correctly, as they do it for you.

As a result of this, we are offering a hand sanitiser disposal service to all of our customers as we know that it is imperative to get rid of unused hand sanitiser ASAP. Plus, why do it yourself when we are willing to do it for you?


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