We Are Expanding!
4th December, 2020

Over the past decade, Niche Office Solutions Ltd has experienced substantial growth and limitless opportunities. Our catalogue of products has vastly increased. From the basic office supplies, furniture and IT products, we can now accommodate nearly any of our customers’ requirements. Recently, in the run up to Christmas, we have sourced a wide variety of products, from board games and Nintendo Switch games to Christmas trees and decorations.

Throughout 2020, Niche Office Solutions Ltd has had a multitude of opportunities to supply the healthcare sector, an area which we are already massively invested in. We are extremely proud of the service that we have been able to provide during the COVID-19 pandemic, offering fast, reliable and affordable solutions to assist hospitals, care homes and clinics.

Niche Office Solutions is excited to announce that we are expanding our radius, after successfully championing the Bradford region, we are now moving our office, IT and furniture solutions into numerous new areas; including Leeds, Wakefield, Harrogate and Manchester to name a few. To view the full extent of our expansion and find the relevant catalogues for your area. Click on the links below, at the bottom of each page links, you can view all of our locations.  

For our Office Supplies Leeds page, click here.

For our IT Supplies Leeds page, click here.

For our Furniture supplies Leeds page, click here.

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