What Benefits Do Plants Bring To Indoor Environments
5th August, 2022

Who Is Buying Indoor Plants?

Indoor plants may appeal to a larger audience of people, ranging from homeowners to millennials. Over the past few years, indoor plants have become a phenomenon: millions of homes across the world are now housing different types and varieties of indoor plants. As they become more sought after, the indoor plant craze continues to soar, along with the booming variety.

As a homeowner, indoor plants are useful in decoration. Who wouldn’t want their house to standout both indoors and outdoors? Whereas indoor plants may appeal to millennials and younger generations as the average household spending of indoor plants has increased to 60% as of 2016. As a result of this, millennials may be more influenced to buy indoor plants due to increased popularity. However, this does not mean that indoor plants are specific to these people. With the added health and wellness benefits of indoor plants, they may appeal to anyone.

What Do Indoor Plants Have To Offer?What Do Indoor Plants 

What Do Indoor Plants Have To Offer?

Indoor plants have multiple uses, as well as benefits. By providing a healthier physcological state, indoor plants are known to improve moods by reducing stress and anxiety levels and offering a calmer environment. For working adults or millennials facing the stress of university and exams, this may be exactly what they need to encourage a healthier life. Furthermore, there are also added physical health benefits: the reduction of fatigue and tiredness along with encouraging healing boosts. As well as providing an innovative way to include indoor-outdoor living to your home, indoor plants have the power to create beautiful, yet healthy and happy environment for any customer.

Love your plantsLove your plants

Have To Offer?

Common Questions Regarding Indoor Plants

Top searches drawn on google conclude that commonly asked questions and queries regarding indoor plants stem from the care and placement of the plants. As seen, this includes the level of light visibility and exposure to the plants. As a result of this, we can understand that there are many factors that contribute to different indoor plants that may affect a customer’s thought process and desires. As there are a plethora of indoor plants on the market currently, each plant has different requirements and needs. However, in most cases indoor plants should be kept near a window with direct sunlight, yet there are some that require less light to prevent sun damage to the plant.



How Niche helps its customers with supplying Indoor Plants

Niche Office Solutions Ltd are very proud that we supply 85% of the NHS market, we distribute to 200 departments, potentially 4,000 budget holders per NHS trust, which results in a varied product mix, coupled with some very interesting requests.

Most recently we were contacted by one of the project managers who were working for a fund to help the respiratory department at the University of Birmingham NHS Trust, the 2nd largest trust after Barts NHS Trust, which is also our trusted customer.

Ultimately their key objective was to provide a holistic environment for patients who suffered with varying chronic respiratory difficulties, to be able to enjoy and take peaceful breaks in. We were tasked with providing lush greenery in various shapes and sizes as well as outdoor seating with accessibility for those who required additional support due to disabilities or mobility aids. The goal for a tranquil, comfortable, oxygen rich, green haven for those who needed to regain their strength was our honour to assist in achieving.

How Niche helps its customers with supplying Indoor Plants

How Niche helps its customers with supplying Indoor Plants

It was a pleasure working to develop an extremely positive project for the respiratory team for Birmingham University NHS Trust. Please find our other projects we worked to produce pin badges for our customer, Aneurin Bevan Health Board NHS Trust.

Great design work from the Niche Marketing Team

Great design work from the Niche Marketing Team

We offer all these specialist services through our Trade Up service partnership. To find out more, please call below: 

Telephone: 01274 965 089

Email: Info@nicheofficesolutions.co.uk

Website: www.nicheofficesolutions.co.uk

Birmingham Community NHS Foundation Trust Website: https://www.uhb.nhs.uk/