What We Know About the Huawei P40
15th October, 2019

Despite the controversy and trouble Huawei have faced in the past, we are now looking towards the release of a new addition to the Huawei P series. Although we officially are still clueless about how it will compare to the P30, there are some rumours that have got people talking.

Although many of the points made about the phone are rumours, one thing we can be certain of is the P40 featuring an upgraded camera in comparison to the P30 or P30 Pro. A credible source suggests that the P40 Pro will have a Penta-lens camera, which has been co-engineered by German company Leica, and, as is suggested, has 5 sensors. This is quite an advancement from the P30’s 4 sensors.

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As we have seen recently, many Chinese phone manufacturers are looking to remove the notch from the phone’s screen. We assume that wanting to keep up with any competitors, Huawei would look to follow this trend and may perhaps experiment with putting the notch under the screen. This would be revolutionary as it would be one of the only leading phone manufacturers, aside from the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, in the western world to have achieved this. Going back to the screen, as an improvement to the P30 and a nod towards the advancement of technology, it is expected that the P40 needs to have a minimum of a 2k high-resolution screen.

Addressing the elephant in the room, as Huawei is, for now, still allowed to trade with companies in the United States of America, many expect the P40 to still support Android. It has been speculated that to stay in complete control, Huawei would choose to switch over to their in-house alternative, Harmony OS. At the moment, this doesn’t seem very likely. Richard Yu, Huawei’s CEO, released a statement, “When can we put it on smartphones? We can do it anytime, but for the Google partnership, and efficiency, the priority will be for Google Android OS.” Judging by that, we can’t expect to see this change anytime soon.

Other notable differences to the P40 and P40 Pro include Kirin 990 – the worlds first all-in-one chipset, an increased RAM, and a larger battery. The P40 Pro is also speculated to come with 5G as standard, making the price difference from the standard P40 which will only support 4G LTE, worthwhile.

As these are currently just rumours, nothing can be guaranteed about the phones and so it will be exciting to see what the estimated March 2020 release will bring.

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