When Is The End?
21st December, 2020

So just as we all thought we could see the light at the end of the tunnel, 2020 brings one last blow (hopefully) in the form of a mutant strain of Coronavirus. But how worried do we really need to be?

Yes, on one side, the virus is easily transmitted- by up to 70% more than the original strain of Coronavirus. It is not, however, proven to cause more severe symptoms or higher rates of mortality.

No doubt, we do need to remain vigilant and consistent in our efforts to defeat Coronavirus.

Now there is a lot of news circulating in the media right now, some which suggest that the new strain of Coronavirus could be fatal to the recovery of the country, and others which are focussed on showing us the effects of the new strain. As usual, choosing what to read in the media is vital to our perception of the events happening at this moment in time, and can fund our opinions massively. So folks, read wisely, and extensively.

Inspirational reminder

Perhaps now would be a good time, to remind everyone of the exceptional endeavours we have all pulled together and conquered so far. From the surfacing of the virus back in January, to suffering through months of lockdown and isolation, to believing we were through the worst of it. It may seem like the whole world just keeps taking blow after blow.

But we have pulled through it all. We have united and remained strong, helping to keep each other safe. And now, despite all the inconsistencies and uncertainty from the UK Government, we how have a steady plan of defence in place, a system which has proven effective so far.

Now although every single one of us is tired of this ‘new normal’ and are hoping to move on with our lives, we remain united. Respectful of the rules, and empathetic to the cause.

Now more than ever, the whole country will need to be strong. Continue being compassionate, as we all make sacrifices to help the less fortunate, our elderly and less abled, who cannot easily shield themselves from the virus.

The good new is, the mutated strain of Covid-19 is not more deadly, only transmitted easier. And the one thing which we are all well-practiced with; is the importance of excellent hygiene, social distancing, and personal protective equipment.

Worst case scenario with the new strain of Coronavirus, we need to continue with our exceptional actions. Including social distancing to keep people safe and support our hardworking NHS and holding off just a bit longer on everything that we have been waiting to do all year.

The new Tier system

Circling back to the UK Governments plan of defence, brings me to the new tier system. Now in my opinion, I for once fully agree with the Governments toughened up approach to the tiers. Perhaps the tiers can act as a symbol of hope for individual areas of the country, an objective for us to strive towards achieving.

What is Tier 4?

With the identification of the mutated strain of Coronavirus and the jump in cases, brings the introduction of the new tier 4. This new tier is essentially a localised lockdown, in which all non-essential shops, such as clothes stores, hairdressers, and leisure centres, will be forced to once again close.

People are encouraged to work from home if possible, and those who need to travel for education or childcare are exempt.

These restrictions also come with the rule that households are no longer able to mix, however one person can meet with another individual from a different household outside.

Recent restrictions have also interrupted with plans over Christmas, as the relaxation of rules has been reduced from five days, to only Christmas day.

With 2021 set to be quite a bleak start, and perhaps not the new beginning which we were all hoping for, now more than ever should we appreciate this time of year, take advantage of seeing relatives while we still can, whilst remaining safe and in line with the law and find the joy in the small things in life.

Niche Office Solutions Ltd would like to wish you all a very safe and merry Christmas, a very happy new year, and look forward to seeing you all in hopefully better times come 2021.

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