Winter is Coming. It’s Time To Break Out Your Thermal Printing Supplies.
20th December, 2021

The temperature has certainly dropped as we move through the winter months, but business has heated up inside factories, warehouses, and stores as the peak shopping season gets into full swing.

Unfortunately, this coincides with the cold and flu season, which means healthcare facilities are also seeing increased demand and once again being stretched to their limits.

Consequently, thermal printers are constantly right now, creating labels that help ensure packages are being delivered to the right place at the right time and records are updated accurately with minimum effort.

If you don’t have the right thermal ribbons loaded into your printers, it’s going to be difficult, if not impossible, to read the information that is coming off your printer.

There are hundreds of ribbon methods in the market, and they aren’t compatible with every label face sheet, Just like you aren’t compatible with every person you meet, or you and I might be sensitive to certain chemicals or outdoor elements, so are ribbons.

Just like you have the power to change your personal circumstances and relationships when incompatibility becomes apparent, you also have the power to change your thermal ribbons. That’s right, as a long-time label expert, I can tell you there is a thermal ribbon out there that’s fully compatible with your printing media. And you might not have to look as hard as you think to find it.



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