Zebra Technologies Achieving Mobile Computing Success
14th February, 2022

You may find it hard to believe but over two thirds of medical errors have been associated with and linked to ineffective communication. The introduction of the current Electronic Health Record (HER) systems has seen an improvement in patient care. However, care givers don’t have access to this information where it is needed most, at the bedside of the patient.

Progression with clinical mobility is helping to change the face of healthcare with patient data now being accessible, real-time, on mobile devices. This has helped to improve the efficiencies of sequential tasks and working together to achieve goals. The integration, by healthcare providers, of mobile devices into their systems in an efficient and effective way can be greatly improved by undertaking forward planning.

Through the analysis of relevant case studies and the use of best practice Zebra Technologies have recently issued a new report outlining the major steps that need to be taken in order to achieve mobile computing success:


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