Zebra Consumables Price Increase, 23rd May 2022

16th May, 2022
Dear Customer, Zebra is going to increase their prices for consumables on the 23rd of May 2022. The prices for ZipShip paper labels, tickets and tags will rise by 8% and prices for synthetic labels and wristbands by 4%. Zebra is applying...
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The Top 10 Best Smartphones of 2022!

3rd May, 2022
Buying a quality phone is one of the most important decisions you can make in this era - a good phone will be your constant companion, keeping you connected, entertained, and informed throughout the day. When choosing a new phone,...
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RFD90 Zebra Advanced & Ultra-Rugged UHF RFID Sled

21st April, 2022
Easy Remote Management Well-built, fast technology and heavy duty! What does the RFID stand for and what advantages does it conduct? Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the use of electromagnetic fields to automatically identify, and track tags attached to objects. Tags...
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Niche Celebrating The End of The 1st Quarter

1st April, 2022
(PHOTO: Steven Cheeseman; Rohan Thaper; Sana Hussain; Mumuna Mahmood; Tyler Gilbert; Sarah Marian; Rick Thaper; Jonny Teale)            
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Brother – 4 Reasons to Make Managed Print Services a Priority

30th March, 2022
With hybrid working now becoming commonplace for many, we look at the challenges of managing print across multiple locations – and why a managed print services (MPS) programme should be considered a business priority. Created by Mike Mulholland - Head...
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Are Retailers and Customers Ready for a Cashless Society?

23rd March, 2022
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused various changes. Consumers have adapted their shopping behaviour in many ways. One big change has been the growth in card transactions and the following decline in people using cash. The impact of a cashless society...
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The Redefined Fujitsu fi-8000 Series Has Arrived!

14th March, 2022
The world’s best-selling scanner just got better Introducing New technology. New capabilities. New customer benefits. New sales for you!   What does this scanner do? The fi-8000 series empowers users to accurately capture and digitize customer or employee data, enrolment applications, invoices,...
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Price Hike On Paper Rising Up To 20%

7th March, 2022
Have you heard about the latest news on paper? As we all are aware that paper is a versatile material with many uses, including printing, packaging, decorating, writing, cleaning, filter paper, wallpaper, book endpaper, conservation paper, laminated worktops, toilet tissue, currency...
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What is Video Otoscopy & What Does It Do?

28th February, 2022
Video otoscopy is the use of a short, rigid endoscope that uses a video camera to transmit images to a larger screen for magnification. This procedure helps the audiologist determine the condition of the ear canal, these conditions could be (dryness,...
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Understanding Neonatal Long Lines and Central Lines New-born Services

21st February, 2022
Why Long lines and Central lines are used in New- Born babies? During this time a preterm baby in the neonatal intensive care unit, which is where babies are born early, have health problems, or a difficult birth they go...
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Zebra Technologies Achieving Mobile Computing Success

14th February, 2022
You may find it hard to believe but over two thirds of medical errors have been associated with and linked to ineffective communication. The introduction of the current Electronic Health Record (HER) systems has seen an improvement in patient care....
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Why Is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) Important?

7th February, 2022
Data protection laws protect individuals from the misuse of information about them. Updated laws give individuals more control over their personal data as the digital age develops and evolves. Information is easily transferred nationally and internationally, making data protection a...
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6 Healthy Choices to Commit to in the New Year

30th January, 2022
The end of an old year and the beginning of a new one provides an ideal opportunity to look back at the past year and identify goals for a healthier and happier year ahead. The long-held tradition of setting resolutions...
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Secrets to a Smooth System Migration

24th January, 2022
Over the last few years the level of system migrations has risen as legacy platforms have reached the end of their life and new platforms have risen to take their place. In order to achieve the best possible results when...
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What Is Mental Health & Why Is It So Important?

17th January, 2022
Mental illnesses, has an impact on 19% of the adult population, 46% of teenagers and 13% of children each year. People affected by mental illness, may be around you every day, whether that be in your family, your work colleagues...
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The Demand for Rugged Tablets Is On The Increase

10th January, 2022
Technology over the last 5 years has seen the demand for tablets increase as the requirement for field-based functionality that can support the needs of the mobile worker.   Moving With the Times A vast percentage of our workforce work...
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Winter is Coming. It’s Time To Break Out Your Thermal Printing Supplies.

20th December, 2021
The temperature has certainly dropped as we move through the winter months, but business has heated up inside factories, warehouses, and stores as the peak shopping season gets into full swing. Unfortunately, this coincides with the cold and flu season,...
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The UK’s Top 10 Favourite Ranked Desserts

13th December, 2021
It’s true that the UK is a nation of dessert lovers, and we’re never too short of excuses to indulge in our sweet cravings. But which can claim the title as the UK’s favourite dessert? 10. Banoffee Pie The Banoffee...
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The Advantages Of Using Animated Video’s In Business

6th December, 2021
Introduction In order to succeed in business it is important to create awareness of yourself and the products and services that you are selling. Businesses of all sizes are now using animated videos to reach wider audiences than ever before....
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An Overview On Baby Loss Awareness

26th November, 2021
Each day in 2020, 2000 babies were born alive. 500 babies were miscarried. 150 babies were born preterm. 7 babies were still born.   Every baby and its parents deserve the best start in life and the sad reality is...
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A Quick History On World Chocolate Day

22nd November, 2021
Going back over 2,500 years the origins of chocolate can be traced back to the Aztecs. They loved this newly created liquid chocolate so much that they credited the “God of Wisdom”, Quetzalcoatl, with bestowing it on them. They even...
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Zebra – How to Mask Bluetooth Channels

15th November, 2021
Your work force is equipped and ready to go. They have their portable computers/tablets powered up and paired with ring scanners, headsets, head-mounted displays, and all the other necessary tools they need to get moving, and you have strengthened up...
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Intelligent Cabinets, Charging Your Zebra Devices

8th November, 2021
Zebra Intelligent Cabinets are the ideal solution to help them manage their devices better. With many cabinet configurations, there’s a solution for all types of use case and business needs. And you can get discounted demo units too!   Standardised...
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Zebra New ET80/ET85 Windows Rugged Tablets

1st November, 2021
Introducing the ET80/ET85. Zebra’s new 12-inch, 2-in-1 and Slate Rugged Windows Tablet. It’s the thinnest and lightest individually assigned mobile computer in the Zebra tablet portfolio. Discover the Potential of Zebra Ultra Rugged Tablets Wow, this new product taking the...
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The Unstoppable Zebra DS3678KD Ultra Rugged Scanner

25th October, 2021
The DS3678KD is an ultra rugged scanner with mobile computing capability, making it ideal for those tough industrial and warehouse environments, where multi-key options are required to maintain efficiency.   DS3678KD_2   If you work in a busy warehouse, industrial...
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Canon: Streamlining Your HR Process

18th October, 2021
Achieving fluid processes within an organisation is key. Folder management plays a huge role to help accreditation processes like ISO 9001 which is massive for HR professionals. I read the below Blog article which highlights point 7,10,16, “Keep up your...
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Boost Productivity With The Zebra DS9900 Series

12th October, 2021
Times are changing rapidly, everywhere you go scanning devices are being implemented within our day to day lives. When we go shopping in common supermarkets customers and staff alike are now scanning away. The purpose is clear, providing transparency and...
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Windows 11 Release Date: 5th October 2021

4th October, 2021
We obtained some information from our partner, Westcoast who informed us to communicate this important message to our customers in the public sector who are more likely to take this new version of Window 11 due to Microsoft Teams and...
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The Top Zebra Products Across The Market

27th September, 2021
The DS2200 Series- Enhanced performance at affordable pricing 2D barcodes have made their way to your Point of Sale (POS), appearing on everything from the items your customers are purchasing to printed and electronic coupons and loyalty cards. Your 1D...
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The Top Twelve Canon Cameras For 2021

13th September, 2021
It’s commonly thought of by some that age of digital cameras reached irrelevancy with the age of smartphones, essentially giving everyone a pocket camera – whether it was a Samsung, an Apple iPhone, or even the new Google Pixel series,...
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The Top 10 Most Beautiful Cars Of 2021

7th September, 2021
They may say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but these 10 gems have debunked that classic phrase – nobody could possibly look at these and keep their jaws from dropping. Undeniably gorgeous to look at, you must...
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Top Gaming Accessories For 2024

3rd September, 2021
Gaming is only really made better when the right accessories fall into your hand and serve to enhance your experience. However, the wrong products can weaken your experience. If you value your time and money, you absolutely deserve the best...
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Technology in the public sector

23rd August, 2021
In this day and age, technology governs the way many businesses operate, but with a high demand for businesses to keep up to date with the digital era, the public sector is often left behind. With a multitude of technology...
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Cybercrime; Staying Safe Online

18th August, 2021
Cybercrime is a constant threat to millions of people around the world every day. But not just to individuals; tactics have been shifting to target small and large business over individuals on a daily basis.  In the past year, cybercrime...
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Lenovo & HP 2021 Product Launches

9th August, 2021
Despite the limitations on manufacture and production ensuing the Covid-19 pandemic, technology has not once slowed down in 2021. If anything, the tech industry is thriving now more than ever. Lenovo and HP are two of the biggest contenders within...
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NHS Digital Data Uses Register

2nd August, 2021
All data that is released by NHS Digital is publicised to ensure transparency. This new interactive tool makes it easy to see: Organisations that are accessing data The purpose for which they are allowed to use it, & The expected...
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The End Of The Pandemic?

27th July, 2021
With the recent lifting of restrictions on the 19th of July, or ‘Freedom Day’ as some are calling it. It may seem like the UK is set to return to normal, but with Covid-19 cases still on the rise, it...
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US Approves New Alzheimer’s Drug

19th July, 2021
Recently, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the approval of the new drug, Aducanumab, known commercially as Aduhelm, for treating Alzheimer’s disease. Aduhelm was approved using the accelerated approval pathway, which can only be used when considering treatments...
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George Cross Awarded to the NHS!

15th July, 2021
The George Cross award is a British civil and military decoration, introduced in 1940 by King George V1 and originally intended to reward civilians for acts of bravery. It is the highest civilian gallantry award and is equivalent to the...
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The DS2200 Barcode Scanners…

21st June, 2021
How can you measure the performance of a barcode scanner? By its speed? By its durability? Or its abilities? Zebra considers every aspect of what makes a scanner great and offers their customers devices that hit five stars on EVERY...
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Time With Patients, Not Printers

7th June, 2021
Brother print solution helps free up GPs and nurses to focus on patient care. Take a look at this case study, taken from one of our partners, Brother who are currently making strides within healthcare technology. The printers in GP...
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Healthy Homeworking

17th May, 2021
What does your home office look like? And do you know what risks there are in working from home? Whether we work at home or in an office, we are always exposed to environmental sounds and external influences. Sometimes (or...
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Quarterly Business Updates

12th April, 2021
From the roll out of the Covid 19 vaccinations, the roadmap for lifting lockdown restrictions being set out, the closing of huge retailers like Debenhams and Topshop, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex leaving the royal family, to the...
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The Tax Benefits of Leasing

29th March, 2021
The Tax Benefits of Leasing explained Leasing converts a large capital expenditure into small monthly payments. Hence the company has the profit-making equipment immediately and keeps their cash reserve available. Rather than investing the precious cash reserves in depreciating assets,...
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Leasing and Hire Purchase Options

22nd March, 2021
Asset finance is a good way to minimise or even remove upfront costs, providing you with flexibility to invest elsewhere in your business, on further assets or to support cash flow. Payment frequency and terms are agreed to suit the customer. Leasing is also...
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Hospitality, Retail, and Leasing

18th March, 2021
The retail and hospitality industries are particularly suited to leasing, as vital equipment improvements are likely to be directly related to the service you provide your customers. Customer retention and conversion does not have to come at a cost to...
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Have we seen the last of lockdown?

8th March, 2021
  On the 22nd of February Boris Johnson made his national announcement where he laid out the plan for the UK’s decent from its third lockdown. In his announcement, Boris explained how the exceptional success of the vaccinations, including the...
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Economic & Social Impacts of COVID

22nd February, 2021
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused immense changes to the world as we know it, affecting near enough every aspect of life, from work and education, meeting family and shopping for food, to the lasting effects on mental health. As well...
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The Future of Covid-19 Vaccines

15th February, 2021
The rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine is now well under way with NHS staff working through the priority lists to ensure that as many people as possible are given the opportunity to be vaccinated, as quickly as possible. Scientists are...
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5 Technology Trends for 2021

8th February, 2021
Technology played an instrumental role throughout 2020. Allowing us to stay connected when contact has been limited. Teachers were able to give lessons, businesses were able to remain trading, and families and friends could still see each other. But what...
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