1000ml Urine Bag without Outlet

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Model Number: NH-546433

Brand: Niche Healthcare

1000ml urine collection bag with inlet tube, without outlet.
Single use only.
Latex free. 


Cat No.
1000ml urine collection bag without outlet, with 25cm tube
1000ml urine collection bag without outlet, with 90cm tube


A 1000ml urine bag without an outlet typically refers to a urinary drainage bag with a specific design where there is no external drainage port or outlet for the urine. These bags are often used in situations where the intention is to collect and measure urine output without the need for periodic emptying or drainage.

Here are some key features associated with a 1000ml urine bag without an outlet:


The bag has a total capacity of 1000ml, indicating its ability to hold up to one litre of urine.

Closed System:

Unlike typical urinary drainage bags with outlets, a bag without an outlet is designed as a closed system. This means that urine collects in the bag without the option for external drainage.

Measurement Markings:

The bag may have graduated measurement markings on the exterior, allowing healthcare providers to monitor urine output accurately.

Usage Scenarios:

These bags are commonly used in situations where continuous monitoring of urine output is required, and there is no immediate need for emptying the bag. This can be useful in certain medical conditions or during specific medical procedures.

Hanging Mechanism:

The bag is typically equipped with a hanging mechanism, such as hooks or straps, to secure it to the bed frame or other suitable locations.

Sterile and Disposable:

Urinary drainage bags are typically supplied in a sterile condition to maintain aseptic conditions during use. Bags without outlets are often disposable and intended for single-use, being discarded when full or as per medical guidelines.

Anti-Reflux Valve:

Some bags without an outlet may include an anti-reflux valve to prevent urine from flowing back into the catheter.

Specific Medical Procedures:

These bags are commonly used in certain medical settings or conditions where precise monitoring of urine output is essential, and emptying the bag can be deferred until a later time.

It’s important to note that the choice of a urinary drainage bag without an outlet is made based on specific medical requirements and the patient’s condition. Healthcare professionals follow established protocols for the use and management of these bags to ensure accurate monitoring and patient care. If you have specific questions about a particular product or its usage, it’s recommended to consult with healthcare providers or medical professionals for guidance.


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