Anethesia Trolley (with 8 hanging boxes)

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Model Number: NH-08629

Brand: Niche Healthcare


Feature & Benefits

Important quality control
* The overall design and production are exquisite, the styling and color matching are reasonable, installation is simple, and the structure is stable and durable.
* The ABS material is an innovative engineering plastic.Antibacterial, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, non-toxic and tasteless, never rust. Washable, easy cleaning.

Technical parameters

Size (LxWxH) 820 x 640 x 1080 mm
Anesthesia rack size 600 x 300 x 320mm


Anesthesia trolleys, also known as anesthesia carts, offer several healthcare benefits within the NHS (National Health Service) and other clinical settings. Here are the key benefits:

  1. Organization and Efficiency:

    • Organized Storage: Anesthesia trolleys provide organized storage for anesthesia equipment, drugs, and supplies, ensuring that anesthetists have everything they need at their fingertips. This includes airway management tools, anesthetic drugs, monitoring equipment, and emergency supplies.
    • Streamlined Workflow: The systematic arrangement of supplies helps streamline the workflow in operating theaters, reducing the time spent searching for equipment and enhancing procedural efficiency.
  2. Enhanced Patient Safety:

    • Readily Available Emergency Supplies: Anesthesia trolleys are equipped with emergency drugs and equipment, such as resuscitation drugs, defibrillators, and airway management tools, allowing for immediate response to anesthesia-related complications.
    • Proper Drug Management: The trolleys often have secure, lockable compartments for controlled substances, ensuring that anesthetic drugs are stored safely and administered accurately, reducing the risk of medication errors.
  3. Improved Infection Control:

    • Easy to Clean: Anesthesia trolleys are designed for easy cleaning and disinfection, helping maintain high standards of hygiene in the operating room and reducing the risk of infections.
    • Minimized Cross-Contamination: Proper organization and dedicated compartments for different types of equipment help minimize the risk of cross-contamination between patients.
  4. Mobility and Accessibility:

    • Portable Design: Anesthesia trolleys are mobile, allowing them to be easily moved to different operating rooms or areas within the hospital as needed. This mobility ensures that anesthetists have their tools and supplies readily available wherever they are required.
    • Proximity to the Patient: The trolley can be positioned close to the patient, ensuring that all necessary equipment and medications are within reach during anesthesia induction, maintenance, and emergence.
  5. Support for Diverse Procedures:

    • Versatile Use: Anesthesia trolleys can be equipped to support a wide range of surgical and procedural settings, from general surgery to specialized procedures, ensuring that anesthetists are prepared for various clinical scenarios.
    • Customization: The contents and configuration of anesthesia trolleys can be customized to meet the specific needs of different surgical specialties, enhancing the adaptability and effectiveness of anesthesia care.
  6. Enhanced Ergonomics and Workflow:

    • Height-Adjustable: Many anesthesia trolleys are height-adjustable, allowing anesthetists to work at a comfortable level, reducing physical strain and fatigue during long procedures.
    • Integrated Work Surfaces: Some trolleys feature integrated work surfaces for preparing medications, documentation, or placing monitoring equipment, enhancing workflow efficiency and organization.
  7. Compliance and Safety Standards:

    • Regulatory Compliance: Anesthesia trolleys are designed to meet healthcare regulations and safety standards, ensuring that they provide a reliable and compliant solution for anesthesia delivery.
    • Regular Checks and Maintenance: Routine inspections and maintenance of the trolleys ensure that all equipment is functional and that supplies are within their expiration dates, maintaining a state of readiness.

In summary, anesthesia trolleys play a critical role in enhancing the efficiency, safety, and quality of anesthesia care within the NHS. They promote organized storage, rapid access to essential supplies, infection control, mobility, and compliance with healthcare standards, ultimately contributing to improved patient outcomes and anesthetist effectiveness.


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