Batch Control Helix Test Kit

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Model Number: NH-21581

Brand: Niche Healthcare

Our batch control helix test kit can be reused for 200 cycles and consists of one Helix Test PCD device and 200 Helix Test strip monitors. Indicator Strip is self-adhesive for easy documentation.

Our range of products include steam batch control helix test kit, EO batch control helix test kit and plasma batch control helix test kit.



  1. Quality Assurance: Batch control test kits are essential tools for maintaining quality assurance in healthcare settings. They allow for the monitoring and verification of the quality and consistency of medical or diagnostic products, ensuring that they meet established standards.

  2. Batch-to-Batch Consistency: The test kits enable healthcare professionals to assess the consistency of different batches of medical products, diagnostic reagents, or other substances. This is critical for ensuring that each batch performs reliably and consistently.

  3. Regulatory Compliance: Healthcare facilities are often subject to regulatory requirements and standards. Batch control test kits aid in compliance by providing a systematic approach to verifying that products meet the specified criteria and adhere to regulatory guidelines.

  4. Efficient Production Processes: By implementing batch control tests, healthcare facilities can identify and address issues in the production process promptly. This helps streamline operations, reduce errors, and enhance overall efficiency in manufacturing or diagnostic workflows.

  5. Early Detection of Issues: Batch control tests act as an early detection mechanism for any deviations or irregularities in the quality of products. Identifying issues early allows for corrective actions to be taken before products reach end-users or patients.

  6. Cost Savings: Detecting quality issues early in the production process can lead to cost savings. It prevents the need for recalls, rework, or disposal of entire batches, reducing waste and associated expenses.

  7. Reliable Diagnostics: In diagnostic settings, batch control test kits contribute to the reliability and accuracy of diagnostic results. Ensuring the consistency of reagents and test components is crucial for obtaining trustworthy diagnostic information.


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Steam Batch Control Helix Test Kit



EO Batch Control Helix Test Kit



Plasma Batch Control Helix Test Kit



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