Brain Training Model With Arteries

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Model Number: NH-98861

Brand: Niche Healthcare


Demonstrate external features of human brain and its arterial supply as a whole, as well as the relations between their component portions. External features of the brain: cerebral hemisphere, brain stem, cerebellum. The arterial supply of the brain: sources, vertebral, internal carotid arteries, arteria supply of the cerebellum and cerebrum. Dissectible into 8 parts. On stand.

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Categories         Anatomical Model

Subject               Medical Science

Material              Eco-friendly PVC

Application       School/Hospital/Laboratory

Packing               Carton Box

Certificate         CE

Feature               Detailed Anatomy Structures


A plastic anatomy training model is a highly detailed, three-dimensional representation of human or animal anatomical structures made from various types of plastic. These models are used extensively in medical and biological education to help students and professionals understand the complexities of anatomy without the need for cadavers.

Key Features of Plastic Anatomy Training Models

Anatomical Accuracy: These models are designed to be highly accurate representations of the body’s anatomical structures, often created in collaboration with medical professionals and based on detailed anatomical data.

Durability: Made from durable plastics, these models are designed to withstand repeated use in educational settings.

Detail and Colour Coding: Many models feature detailed and color-coded parts to differentiate between various organs, muscles, bones, nerves, and blood vessels, making it easier to study and identify each part.

Dissectible Parts: Some models are designed to be disassembled into multiple parts, allowing for a deeper understanding of internal structures and how different systems are interconnected.

Variety: Models can represent various systems (skeletal, muscular, nervous, cardiovascular, etc.) and can range from full-body representations to specific organs or body parts.


What Organs Are In The Human Body?

What Organs Are In The Human Body?


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