Closed-System Camera Cover

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Closed-System Camera Cover made of polyethylene material, provides a sterile barrier between a camera and its cable in the surgical area. It is available in two different dimensions: 14 x 250 cm and 18 x 250 cm.
Video camera cover with unique adaptor concept makes it possible to safely and quickly change telescopes during surgical procedures. This is due to the locking mechanism that integrates a safety latch.
 This system brings a few more benefits compared to traditional sterile camera covers, including:
  • Time-saving to help increase operating theatre turnover
  • Cost-saving by eliminating the need for several medical equipment covers and by reducing camera maintenance-related costs
  • Enhanced safety during procedures by preventing telescope rotation.
Flexible, each of the two available dimensions comes with unique folding options; ring folding for the 14 x 250 cm and telescopic folding with cardboard for the 18 x 250 cm.
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A “Closed-System Camera Cover” in a healthcare environment typically refers to a protective covering designed for medical cameras, especially those used in surgical or sterile procedures. These covers offer several benefits to ensure hygiene, infection control, and the preservation of equipment. While specific features can vary based on the design and manufacturer, here are general benefits associated with closed-system camera covers:

  1. Infection Control: Closed-system camera covers act as a barrier, preventing microbial contamination of the camera during medical procedures. This is crucial for maintaining a sterile surgical environment and reducing the risk of postoperative infections.

  2. Preservation of Sterility: By covering the camera with a closed system, healthcare professionals can help preserve the sterile field during surgeries. This is essential for preventing contamination that could compromise the success of the procedure.

  3. Protection Against Fluids: The cover provides protection against fluids such as blood, saline, or other surgical fluids that may be present during medical procedures. This helps safeguard the camera and maintain its functionality.

  4. Transparent Window: Many closed-system camera covers feature a transparent window, allowing surgeons and healthcare professionals to maintain visibility of the surgical field. This transparency is crucial for making precise adjustments and observations during procedures.

  5. Compatibility with Camera Systems: These covers are typically designed to be compatible with specific camera models and systems. This ensures a proper fit and coverage without interfering with the camera’s functionality.

  6. Easy Installation and Removal: Closed-system camera covers are designed for easy and quick installation and removal. This facilitates efficient setup in the operating room or during medical procedures, where time is often critical.

  7. Reduced Cross-Contamination: The use of closed-system covers minimizes the risk of cross-contamination between different surgical procedures or patients. Disposable covers can be easily removed and discarded after each surgery, preventing the transfer of contaminants.

  8. Compliance with Regulations: Using closed-system camera covers aligns with healthcare regulations and guidelines related to infection control and equipment sterility. Adhering to these standards is essential for patient safety and the overall success of medical procedures.

  9. Disposable Options: Many closed-system camera covers are designed for single-use, offering a convenient and hygienic solution. Disposable covers eliminate the need for extensive cleaning and sterilization between uses, simplifying the workflow in healthcare settings.

  10. Customized Designs: Closed-system camera covers may come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different camera models and applications. This customization ensures a proper fit and coverage for specific medical equipment.

It’s important for healthcare professionals to follow manufacturer guidelines for the proper application and disposal of closed-system camera covers to ensure optimal performance and infection control.


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Closed-system Camera Cover, 14x250cm, ring type
Closed-system Camera Cover, 18x250cm, cardboard type


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