Dental Endo Finger Ruler

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Model Number: NH-79832

Brand: Niche Healthcare

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Size: 43*25*24mm

Material: Plastic
Application: Orthodontic Materials


The dental finger ruler, also known as a dental gauge or dental ruler, is a small, handheld tool used by dentists and dental professionals to measure various aspects of the oral cavity during dental examinations and procedures. It typically consists of a slender, ruler-like instrument with markings indicating measurements in millimetres or fractions of millimetres.

Dental finger rulers may have different features and markings depending on their specific use. Some common measurements taken with a dental finger ruler include:

  • Tooth size: Dentists may use the ruler to measure the length and width of teeth to assess their size and shape.
  • Pocket depths: In periodontal examinations, the ruler may be used to measure the depth of periodontal pockets around teeth, which helps in diagnosing and monitoring gum disease.
  • Lesion size: Dentists may use the ruler to measure the size of lesions, ulcers, or other abnormalities in the oral cavity for diagnostic purposes.
  • Interproximal spaces: The ruler can also be used to measure the distance between teeth, which is helpful for assessing dental crowding or spacing issues.

The dental finger ruler is typically small and lightweight, making it easy for dental professionals to handle and manoeuvre during examinations. It is an essential tool for gathering precise measurements that aid in diagnosis, treatment planning, and monitoring oral health conditions.


Dental Health Infographic

Dental Health Infographic.


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