Medicine Trolley (Adopt C-level lock)

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Model Number: NH-17606

Brand: Niche Healthcare


Feature & Benefits

Important quality control
– Steel and aluminum structure inside, HDPE and antibacterial materials outside, easy to clean.
– The colour of the drawer handle can be changed, easy to assemble.
– Laterally extendable worktop
– With abs inserts inside, which can be separated freely as required.
– Drawer guide rail adopt damping buffer rail.
– 4 nylon wheels Ø 100 mm with non-marking tires and plain bearings, with one brakes
– With external connectors on both sides, height adjustable.
– Two-layer rotating defibrillator holder, can easily view and control the defibrillator at any Angle
– Adopt C-level safe lock, make medicine storage safer
– One key opening trash can.


Medicine trolley carts are crucial in the NHS (National Health Service) for streamlining medication administration, improving patient care, and enhancing healthcare efficiency. Here are the key healthcare benefits of using medicine trolley carts:

  1. Improved Medication Administration:

    • Efficiency: Medicine trolley carts enable nurses and healthcare providers to administer medications more efficiently, reducing the time taken to deliver medications to patients.
    • Organization: These carts keep medications organized and easily accessible, which helps in quickly locating and administering the correct medication.
  2. Enhanced Patient Safety:

    • Error Reduction: Properly organized and labeled medicine trolleys reduce the risk of medication errors, such as incorrect dosage or administration of the wrong medication.
    • Secure Storage: Many medicine trolleys come with locking mechanisms to secure controlled substances and reduce the risk of medication theft or misuse.
  3. Increased Mobility and Accessibility:

    • Convenience: Medicine trolleys are mobile, allowing healthcare providers to bring the necessary medications directly to the patient’s bedside, enhancing convenience and care efficiency.
    • Accessibility: The mobility of these carts ensures that medications are readily available in various parts of the hospital, reducing delays in medication administration.
  4. Streamlined Workflows:

    • Standardization: Medicine trolleys help standardize the medication administration process, which can improve workflow efficiency and ensure consistency in patient care.
    • Time Management: By centralizing medication supplies, these trolleys reduce the time staff spend walking back and forth to the pharmacy or medication room, allowing more time for direct patient care.
  5. Enhanced Infection Control:

    • Design Features: Many medicine trolleys are designed with easy-to-clean surfaces and compartments, helping to maintain hygiene and reduce the risk of cross-contamination between patients.
    • Dedicated Equipment: Using designated trolleys for specific medications or patient groups can further enhance infection control practices.
  6. Support for Healthcare Staff:

    • Ergonomics: Medicine trolleys are often ergonomically designed to reduce the physical strain on healthcare workers, improving their comfort and reducing the risk of injury.
    • Training and Familiarity: Standardized carts help in training new staff, as they become familiar with the layout and organization, thus improving the efficiency of medication rounds.
  7. Patient-Centered Care:

    • Personalized Service: With medicine trolleys, healthcare providers can administer medications at the bedside, offering a more personalized and patient-centered approach to care.
    • Timely Administration: Ensuring timely medication administration can improve patient satisfaction and outcomes, particularly for medications that need to be given at specific times.
  8. Cost-Effectiveness:

    • Resource Optimization: Medicine trolleys help in better inventory management, reducing waste and ensuring that medications are used before their expiration dates.
    • Reduced Errors: By minimizing medication errors, these trolleys can help avoid the additional costs associated with treating adverse drug events.

In summary, medicine trolley carts offer significant healthcare benefits in the NHS by improving the efficiency and accuracy of medication administration, enhancing patient safety, streamlining workflows, supporting healthcare staff, and promoting a patient-centered approach to care. These advantages contribute to overall better patient outcomes and more efficient healthcare delivery.



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