Student Microscope

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Model Number: NH-13688

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Feature & Benefits

  • Observation head: Monocular observation head

  • Eyepiece:H10X/H12.5X

  • Achromatic objective: 4X, 10X, 40X     

  • Stage:Single-tier platform,120mm×120mm,Slice clamp

  • Turntable diaphragm: Five kindsφ3.2,φ4,φ5,φ8,φ15

  • Coarse adjustment range: 50mm

  • Fine adjustment range: 1.8-2.2mm

  • Illumination:Plano-Concave Mirrorφ50mm (Optional external electric light source lamp)

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The use of student microscopes in the NHS provides several healthcare benefits, particularly in the areas of education, training, and basic diagnostic support. Here are the key healthcare benefits:

1. Enhanced Education and Training

  • Medical Education: Student microscopes are essential for training medical students and trainees, providing hands-on experience in examining biological specimens and understanding cellular and tissue structures.
  • Skill Development: Helps students develop essential microscopy skills, which are foundational for various medical and research careers.
  • Affordable Learning Tools: Provides a cost-effective way to equip educational institutions and training programs with necessary microscopy tools.

2. Improved Diagnostic Training

  • Practical Experience: Enables students and trainees to practice diagnosing conditions by examining samples, thereby improving their diagnostic skills.
  • Foundation for Advanced Techniques: Prepares students for more advanced microscopy techniques and instruments used in clinical and research settings.

3. Support for Laboratory Training

  • Basic Laboratory Skills: Student microscopes are ideal for teaching basic laboratory skills, including specimen preparation, staining techniques, and proper handling of microscopy equipment.
  • Quality Control Training: Students learn to ensure the quality and accuracy of their observations, which is crucial for maintaining high standards in clinical laboratory diagnostics.

4. Versatility and Accessibility

  • Wide Range of Applications: Suitable for various educational purposes across different medical and scientific fields, including pathology, microbiology, hematology, and cytology.
  • User-Friendly: Designed to be straightforward and easy to use, making them accessible to beginners and those with limited experience in microscopy.

5. Cost-Effectiveness

  • Economical Option: Generally less expensive than advanced microscopes, making them a cost-effective solution for educational institutions and training programs.
  • Reduced Operational Costs: Simple maintenance and operation requirements help keep ongoing costs low, making them an economical choice for many healthcare training settings.

6. Foundation for Research Skills

  • Introduction to Research: Provides an introduction to basic research techniques, encouraging students to explore and understand fundamental biological processes.
  • Prepares for Advanced Research: Builds a foundation for students who may go on to conduct more complex research with advanced microscopy equipment.

7. Enhanced Patient Care Through Better Training

  • Well-Trained Professionals: By improving the education and training of future healthcare professionals, student microscopes indirectly contribute to better patient care and outcomes.
  • Clinical Preparedness: Prepares students for real-world clinical scenarios, enhancing their readiness to handle diagnostic tasks in their professional careers.

8. Contribution to Public Health Education

  • Epidemiology and Disease Study: Supports the study of infectious diseases and public health, enabling students to understand and participate in epidemiological research and disease control efforts.
  • Community Health Programs: Enhances the training of professionals involved in community health programs, contributing to better public health education and awareness.


The implementation of student microscopes in the NHS offers significant healthcare benefits, particularly in enhancing education and training for future healthcare professionals. These microscopes provide essential hands-on experience, develop critical diagnostic and laboratory skills, and serve as a cost-effective educational tool. By preparing well-trained professionals, student microscopes contribute to higher standards of healthcare, better patient outcomes, and more effective public health efforts within the NHS.


Sterile Medical Equipment Covers for Healthcare Infographic.

Sterile Medical Equipment Covers for Healthcare Infographic.


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