Environment Policy


Niche Office Solutions Ltd is committed to: Carrying out our business activities in a manner which minimises adverse effects upon the environment and public health; Where practicable‚ to continually improve our environmental performance; Increasing our energy efficiency so that we will progressively use less energy in doing the work we do We feel this is important for the following reasons: To reduce CO2 emissions to help make the environment a cleaner one; To reduce energy costs and maintain profitability; To help present the company in a more positive light.


To comply with the requirements of legislation and regulations to the minimum standard of performance‚ and to co–operatefully and openly with all regulatory authorities; To prevent or minimise the release of polluting substances to land‚ air and water; To minimise waste through the efficient use of raw materials‚ and by re–using and recycling materials wherever practicable; To protect the flora and fauna associated with our activities; To encourage contractors and suppliers to improve theirenvironmental performance; Where possible‚ to include environmental considerations andconcerns of local people‚ employees and regulatory authoritiesin all purchasing‚ operational and development decisions.


We aim to increase our energy efficiency by committing to the following: To defining roles and responsibilities to all staff and management To educate and raise awareness amongst all staff; To establish ownership of energy costs at departmental level; To ensure adequate auditing of energy invoices; To continually monitor energy efficiency and award staff forpro–activeness; To purchasing energy at the most cost–effective price; Where appropriate‚ to invest in equipment / technology whichis energy efficient.  


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