30ml Disposable Urine Container

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Model Number: NH-875332

Brand: Niche Healthcare


  • Material: made of PS.
  • Volume:30ml
  • E.O sterile or non sterile.
  • Screw cap and leak prof, resistant to fall and to breakage during centrifugation.
  • Label available: with label or without label.
  • package: bulk pack or individual sterile pack.


The plain urine containers used for urine microbiology culture. It can be used for Pregnancy testing, Chlamydia PCR testing, Legionella/pneumococcal antigen testing, urine for microscope and culture or other specimens culture appropriate.

A 30ml urine container is a small vessel specifically designed for the collection and preservation of urine samples. These containers are typically made of plastic and feature a secure lid to prevent leakage and maintain sample integrity. The 30ml capacity refers to the maximum volume of urine that the container can hold, which is sufficient for many diagnostic tests and medical examinations. These containers are commonly used in medical settings such as hospitals, clinics, and laboratories for various purposes, including urinalysis, drug testing, and the diagnosis of urinary tract infections and other medical conditions.

Cat No. Description Qty/Case
610901 30ml urine container, PS, with label, sterile, individual pack 1000
610902 30ml urine container, PS, no label, sterile, individual pack 1000
610903 30ml urine container, PS, with label, non sterile, bulk pack 1000
610904 30ml urine container, PS, no label, non sterile, bulk pack 1000


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